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Titanfall Companion App for Nokia Lumia

Titanfall Companion app for Nokia Lumia, for Windows Phone 8.x devices, the application should never fail to install if you play Titanfall as it acts as a helper application game, offering a wealth of information, such as notifications of the latest and updates, information about the history of the universe Titanfall, characters, weapons, maps, modes and controls. And, we can see our stats, including total eliminations, favorite weapons, time played, among others.

And best of all of Titanfall Companion app for Nokia Lumia is that it has some features, apart from the already mentioned it, really awesome that we can leverage to connect our Xbox One, the role of second map screen to screen minimap full interactive real-time departure, possibility to track the movements of your teammates and everything going on, or filter function to access additional information only visible map here to get an advantage over your opponents.

Titanfall Companion app for Nokia Lumia is available free on Windows Phone Store.

BBM for Nokia Lumia Available this Summer

BBM for Nokia Lumia is getting closer to reach users of Nokia Lumia series. Although no specific date for its release from BlackBerry has already announced it will be during the second quarter.

So before the summer we should see the official launch of BBM for Nokia Lumia, which also come preinstalled on some new models in the same series, as happens with all the Nokia X range recently rolled out.

Provided sure many users Nokia Lumia long waiting, and every day seems to go climbing positions in the market compared to other services. Still far from the numbers of the largest as WhatsApp, has now announced that they have reached the 113 million registered users, 85 million active users monthly users.

The launch of BBM for Nokia Lumia is a sign that the service wants to expand to more users, and between both companies future plans that might be interesting for the end user

500px for Nokia Lumia Available in Windows Phone the Store

Nokia Lumia 500px, only for Windows Phone 8 devices, now available in the Windows Phone Store. The platform where thousands of amateur and professional photographers share their work, provides us with this handy application with which to browse and discover the spectacular 500px photos that are uploaded every day, and learn techniques for community.

With 500px Nokia Lumia can we be Ldía activity neustros friends, explore the most popular photographs, browse photos, play a photo and view in full screen mode, I can see if we play back all your stats, comments or votes, use our favorite pictures in the lock screen, interact with the community and even receive notifications when interacting with us. In summary, an application to enjoy photography.

Nokia Lumia 500px is available free in the Windows Phone Store.

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