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Tutorial: How To Jailbreak iOS 4.1 from Windows without Raising The Baseband

The new Redsn0w has a way to upgrade to IOS 4.1 without raising the baseband, so we must enter into a special DFU mode and use a custom firmware that does not raise the baseband. The only problem is that this custom is created from Mac, but I’ve created custom for your iPhone in Mac, so you can upgrade if baseband and power up the release on your Windows PC. That is, we mix two methods. How do we do?

  • Download the original 4.1 firmware for our phone.
  • Downloaded the custom firmware modified to keep them from the Baseband.
  • Download the new version of Redsn0w
  • Select the original 4.1 firmware (the first you downloaded)
  • Press “pwned Just enter DFU mode right now” as it appears in catching up. We will take steps to put the iPhone in DFU mode. Now your iPhone is vulnerable (must be in DFU mode).
  • Open iTunes, press SHIFT + Restore and choose the custom firmware that you downloaded.

Let it install the firmware and restarted with Cydia installed and the same baseband that tuvierais before, so  can go to Cydia and install Ultrasn0w to free your iPhone.

If you have already upgraded to IOS 4.1 does not unlock your iPhone can not download the baseband, these firmwares are only good if you’re in a version earlier than 4.1 iOS

Coming Soon: FaceTime for Mac OS X and …. Windows!

Why did that make Apple, have this way of doing things so cleverly astounding. Let me explain better, Apple tends to “prove” people with their products at the same time “accustomed” to their use, and then come up with something new “YA KNOW USE.” For example, in 2007 shows the iPhone with its multitouch technology that revolutionized everything! iPod Touch went with him a year later and if you already had an iPhone, you knew to use before buying. This year appears IPAD and again the same .. you know use!. And it does not end here, the evolution of multitouch is obvious, the need for an iMac Touch?

Let us then, not many of you use iPhoto or iMovie, but both introduced in 2008 uses something called “skimik.” Skimik is what happens when we move the cursor over an event in iPhoto or when we do it on a clip in iMovie. Just pass the cursor over the icon for a big event will see all the pictures that are in it to move the cursor speed and when we do a clip we see the video playing to the speed at which we move the cursor . I remember when I saw this new feature I just thought one thing … “this will be great when you can do with your fingers!” And here we have Apple getting ready for what’s next. Get used, use it, incorporate it .. and then everything will be even easier!

Then that makes me glad the rumor that came to light yesterday by the French blog Mac4Ever. They say that Apple was working on desktop versions of FaceTime for Mac OS X, which was to be expected, I guess I will implement it in the next version of iChat. But what surprised me (though now it seems the most logical thing …) is to do a version for Windows. Do not know about you, but I am leaving MSN me! (Actually that’s what made me happy!)

And the theory is applied, Get used, use it, incorporate it! First with the iPhone in April, now with iPod Touch 4G, soon to IPAD ready to leave us the way and flat (or rather, for sure! Not?) For reaching our desktops we are 100% familiar with FaceTime.

FaceTime not you know what? I’ve read all this paper without knowing what I mean? Look at Steve Jobs’ presentation at the event (WWDC in June 2010):

And you? Are you ready to use FaceTime?

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