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How to Hide WhatsApp Photo on Android Gallery

The images we receive in the application could cause us WhatsApp occasional awkward situation in case someone decides to browse the gallery of our smart phone with Android operating system. At the end of the day, we are not responsible for photographs that are shared in the groups in which we participate. Therefore, it is best to anticipate these uncomfortable situations WhatsApp hiding pics from gallery in Android so that it is completely impossible for anyone to get to browse the images we have received-or-sent through this application IM.

All you need to hide pics from WhatsApp on Android photo gallery is follow the steps listed below. Before proceeding with the tutorial should download and install the free app ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.  Once we have installed in our mobile application we can start with the tutorial.

The first thing to do is open the application you just installed on your terminal. Simply navigate to the list of applications and will press on the application of ES File Explorer.

When you open the application you will see that this is a file browser that lets you navigate through all the folders on your smartphone. Here is what we want to navigate to the folder “WhatsApp” which usually appears stored within the external memory card. When we get to that folder, access it and then click on the folder “Media”.

Then we click on the folder “WhatsApp Images” which is the folder where all the images that pass through this instant messaging application are stored.

Once inside this folder should display all pictures stored in our mobile WhatsApp. If you look at the bottom left of the application will see an icon with the sign “+”; click on this icon and from the popup window that opens, click on the option “File” (or “File” in the case that we use the untranslated version of the application).

Clicking on this option we will be creating a new file in the folder of images WhatsApp. And here comes the most important part of the tutorial: must name the file with the name (without the quotes, but respecting the point) “nomedia.”. Click on the button “OK” and the file should be created in the folder that corresponds in this case.

If we have correctly followed all the steps, now sufficient that sail to the image gallery to discover that our mobile wallet “WhatsApp Images” has disappeared. The images are stored in our mobile, but now we can rest assured that no one will access them without our permission. In case you want to return to this folder should be visible just delete the file. “Nomedia” we created in the previous step.

Indonesian Slang Dictionary App for Android

Do you often use slang words when updating status on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter or when chatting with friends on the Line, WhatsApp or BBM? or maybe you read and find the slang word in everyday life?

Sometimes, we are a little difficult to understand the meaning of the slang words that we find on Facebook, Twitter or suggested by friends while chatting on BBM or Line. Well for your Android mobile phone users, now there is an application that will help you to understand the slang word quickly and easily,  (Kamus Gaul Keren) Cool Dictionary for Android, an application that is simple yet and very easy to use.

With this Android app, we can search for the meaning of slang words in seconds. Applications that will help you in understanding the various slang words that we’ve encountered on Facebook, Twitter, or while chatting with friends, so that will make you look more sociable by friends.

Kamus Gaul Keren for Android App can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store from your Android phone.

WhatsApp Tips for iPhone 5S : Protecting Privacy

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in our daily life, but the most. Not surprisingly, it has become the undisputed king of instant messaging services and month after month crowns the list of best-selling apps in the App Store. However, an application of this nature also has its risks, and is the potential threat to our privacy if we make good use of it. Here we give basic 7 keys to protect your privacy using WhatsApp. How to Protecting Privacy on WhatsApp in 7 Steps

The double tick indicates the message has not been read – No doubt, this is one of the living legends of WhatsApp and something that we’ve all wondered some time we have used the program. Absolutely not, the two ticks do not mean that the message has been read, as you had to explain the developers of the app itself. So you know, it’s over that of” why have not you responded to the message if you read”.

Clears the chat history periodically – Make cleaning your conversation history in WhatsApp is as essential as it ‘s own operating system. We never know when we may lose the phone or someone outside can access it, so it should not show all the data and make statements through WhatsApp.

To do that we can delete isolated phrases from within the chat conversation through the”Edit” button, or make it so much more convenient, erasing an entire conversation through the main menu by pressing also on the”Edit” button.

Hide the last hour of free – Who has not brought trouble connecting the last hour? Whether it’s because we have not answered to a friend or because we connected on a time that supposedly were busy, the last hour of connection can become a torture. To disable just have to head to Settings – Chats – Advanced. Here we see that only one option appears that says” Last time online”, uncheck the box and from that moment no one can see our last connection ( this only works on the iPhone version ). Of course, we can not see the others.

Disable automatic saving of files – One of the new features introduced in the latest versions of WhatsApp is the”Auto – save file”. This is a problem which is that absolutely all the images you sent are automatically saved to your Camera Roll. Can you imagine what this can be in a group of 30 people? To turn it off we must go to Settings – Chats Settings and uncheck the box that says “Auto – save files”.

Block contacts that do not let you live – Who does not have a heavy contact on WhatsApp? Yes, the one that speaks to you all the time and expects you to do the same with him. If you are tired of this situation, do not hesitate, block and peaceful lives. Blocking a contact is as easy as going to Settings – Chats – Locked and add to all contacts you make life impossible. If you ever want to re- admit, you can simply remove it from the list.

WhatsApp Abandon unbearable groups – Groups are another of the nightmares that we can find in WhatsApp. If this number rises to 15 people and you can start to worry : not going to leave you alone. At the risk of edge, the best we can do is to leave the group. To do this we follow the same procedure to delete a conversation :”Edit” from the menu and ready Chats.

Customize your status – Sometimes you have to make it clear to our contacts we are busy and we do not want to be bothered. To do this, sometimes it’s best to customize our state to show that we are in a situation where we can not talk.

As seen in information, WhatsApp is a wonderful tool to be in touch with our contacts in a fast and straightforward, but you have to be very careful and, above all, always preserving your privacy.

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