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How to Delete Cydia Tweak with CyDelete7

Developers increasingly give us more opportunities to Jailbreak our devices and the experience of the passage of iOS that comes default on our iPad to the new system, is as enjoyable as possible. Certainly, for every disadvantage has the Jailbreak, there are 10 or more virtues, but it is true that some things can become somewhat annoying.

For example, the process to remove the tweaks or packages installed from Cydia, is not just as a current iOS app. To do so, we must enter into Cydia, search our package and uninstall it from there, with the corresponding reset your device if necessary. It’s not something we remove too long, but definitely appreciate a more direct method.

This method has come to tweak CyDelete7, allowing us to remove the applications we have downloaded from Cydia as we currently do in iOS 7. The tweak is as simple as effective and, once installed, will enable a function to all the tweaks that we have currently installed on your iPad, compatible to remove any iOS application 7.

Putting a case : if we uninstall a tweak as Activator, for example, we just keep our finger down on it and wait for the application begins to ” tremble “. Playing the small cross will have already seen before, completely remove the tweak without having to go into Cydia.

Nevertheless, there are some tweaks that after install, no icon appears on the Home screen of our iPad. Typically these are small issues that affect the system, but they must be uninstalled from Cydia as we were doing before. You know, once you find yourselves in Cydia, you will be able to locate in the “Packets ” section.

As collected in Appadvice, CyDelete7 what we find completely free from Cydia by entering its name in the search. The application is updated and is compatible with all iOS Devices 7, including those with A7 chip with 64-bit structure for which has already been published on Cydia Substrate.

Do you find it annoying the procedure to be performed every time you want to uninstall a tweak ? Here is the solution.

Top 25 Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 6

Yesterday, millions of users were able to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch upgraded to iOS 6 or higher by evasi0n tool, an innovation introduced by the hacker group Evad3rs. However, upon entering Cydia can happen we know that happens install plugins make the most possible to the operating system.

For those who have this existential doubt, we’ve compiled some of the best Cydia tweaks that exist and that are also compatible with iOS 6. Begin.
Top 25 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 6

3G Unrestrictor 5 is a plugin that inhibits the limitation imposed by Apple to use certain applications when connected to a 3G network. Thus, the iPhone or iPad will believe that we are connected to a WiFi network, when it really is not.

Activator gives us the ability to configure a large number of touch gestures and clicks the Home button.

Winterboard allows us to change the look of the operating system, from the wallpaper to the icons.

Barrel gives a nice transition effect when switching applications page on the springboard.

Torch adds a discreet button on the lock screen. Pressing it will turn on the LED flash of the iPhone in order to use it as a flashlight.

PKGBackup is the most used tool to back up your settings and plugins installed in Cydia. Imperative to restore your iPhone or iPad.

Transmission is a torrent Client download files for iPhone. Of course, no space quedaros careful when downloading large files.

Bridge allows us to introduce the application to play music or video, any files you have on your device or we download from the Internet. Something we had been waiting a long time.

UnlimTones converts songs from our library into ringtones.

Cleanstatus cleans some annoying elements of the top status bar of iOS.

Dashboard X widgets added to springboard discrete and robust, so we can check the weather or bag easily.

Bytafont is for those who are bored with the fonts in iOS, it allows us to change the font.

Zephyr management accelerates open applications or in memory, all by touch gestures.

Firewall IP allows us to specify which websites or applications want to block, so it does not produce unwanted connections.

LocationHolic serves to distort our location, so the iPhone thinks we are in a different location than the actual.

AnyRing makes our songs to all calls, so we can assign them to your contacts.

iCleaner clean temporary files and cache to give greater flexibility to the operating system.

iFile gives us access to the iOS file system. This is useful if you know to use it, but watch where you must not touch.

Flowtation is for those tired of sober aspect of iOS. Add a curious effect to open the notification center.

Safari Download Manager is a download manager for the most complete Apple browser.

AquaBoard curious effects of water added to the press with our fingers on the screen.

AdBlocker blocks ads on websites so we do not bother to navigate.

FolderLock set passwords to folders and other sections of iOS we want to keep private.

SBSettings is dearer to tweak iOS. Simply add buttons to the status bar to toggle the WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and other features.

Solving White Icons Error after Installing Cydia tweak

Surely many of you are regular users of Cydia, and in all probability have been the victims of the famous white icons after installation or upgrade of a tweak or modification, it is true that 90% of cases a simple reboot or respring the device solves the problem, but many others the problem persists and there is no way to fix it.

Cache is a tweak iWipe that solves this problem as easy as possible, we only install from Cydia and ready, initially was created to solve problems Winterboard graphics, but it works perfectly solving the problem now encompasses us.

In addition iWipe Cache is completely free, look at any Cydia repository.

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