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Song Exporter Pro for iPhone

Song Exporter Pro Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can now be downloaded for free from the App Store. One way to transfer songs quickly and easily to any device.

Export Song With Pro for iPhone can transfer songs via Wi-Fi to any device on the network without have to use iTunes. You can copy songs and share them with anyone because you can access your music more easily.

Song Export Pro for iPhone lets you access your library through its simple web interface, the songs come with metadata like the name of the musician or inserts in the same way we are saved, you can access them from any computer either Windows, Mac or Linux. It also generates playlists for you to transmit your tunes wirelessly, and a few other options.

You can download Song Export Pro for iPhone from the App Store for free during the day.

Songbird – New Media Player for Android

Songbird is an excellent media player for Android that has just been released. The same is in beta and it works perfectly. Songbird Free Download for Android here! More and more companies that make desktop media players are added to the Android world. doubleTwist was the first, but RealPlayer and WinAmp joined last year. The last application to move from desktop to mobile is Songbird, which just released a beta application for your player Android open-source audio.

Android Songbird is an excellent media player that has a really amazing and attractive design. It is based on a theme of purple, soft edges, and a great organization to navigate the media library. Users can browse by album, artist, songs, genres, playlists, Songbird even allows users to view only the albums, artists or songs from a specific genre. The buttons Back, Forward, and Play are also easily accessible from the bottom of the screen or widget included in the home screen.

A unique feature of Songbird for Android is that the application can be integrated with Facebook. While listening to a love song, you can tap the Facebook button and publish a “Like” by the artist name and song to your flickr perfil.También there is a button “photostream” that will show images of the artist. Songbird (beta) is compatible with Android 2.1 Eclair and above.