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3G Wifi Hotspot Internet Sharing on Nokia Lumia 610

One of the motives we knew first hand during the last Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona was the Lumia Nokia 610. It is a phone that has as its main attraction being a Windows Phone handset with the new range of smartphones from the Finnish company that will be available at a price below 200 euros. But today we have learned will also have features that help make this device simple but outstanding performances elevate the head of his older brothers.

As we have known through WMPowerUser, the Lumia Nokia 610 will be equipped with a choice of system that will make Wi-Fi device allowing the phone to communicate with other devices that require Internet connection. We speak of a feature known as Hotspot, according to which, the Nokia 610 Lumia become a connection point, other terminals using the phone’s 3G connection, which would, in practical terms, a wireless modem and laptop.

The novelty of this is, as we say, that with this data, the Lumia 610 Nokia becomes the first of the moving range of the signing of Espoo Windows Phone to offer the option to share the Internet connection sharing using function point of Wi-Fi link. Neither Lumia Nokia 710, Nokia 800 or Nokia Lumia Lumia 900 contemplate this option, although the latter two are considered the high end signature. Nevertheless, he had already spoken of the possibility that in future system updates could incorporate into their options to launch the mobile data traffic to other devices via Wi-Fi.

It is noteworthy that Lumia is the Nokia 610 phone that opens precisely this function between terminals Lumia. The flag of this phone is painted in the colors of a phone that could be understood input. This means that the vocation of Lumia Nokia 610 is not a terminal that seeks to present as arguments a handful of benefits of latest generation, but opts for modest features, but enough to ensure proper device operation. That is, a mononucleosis processor 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM and 3.7-inch screen.

Of course, within these features, the Nokia 610 does not shy away Lumia the competition. This is a great phone with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, very complete in what refers to connections and equipped with an eight-MB internal memory. Recall that the confidence he has in this Nokia phone is such that it expects to sell a total of four million units in its debut, this is the figure that are responsible for making the coming-out support in the market for mobile enters the eye at first thanks to a very careful design.

WhatsApp v1.8 for Nokia Lumia 900/800/710/610

WhatsApp Messenger for our Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710 and 610 receives a new update. This is version 1.8, which also provides for improvements in the overall performance of the application, includes a video recorder.


  • Further support to the location
  • Set group icon with web search
  • Video recorder
  • Block contact and manipulate the block list
  • More accurate “last seen”
  • Other bug fixes

WhatsApp Messenger is free for 1 year after the free trial period you can buy the service for $ 1.99 a year, ie 1.40 euros.

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