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Panamp : Music Player for iPhone and iPad

Like every day, after the game is the turn of an app, what we want to raise today is Panamp The Music Player, a music player alternative to the default. Panamp is fast, intuitive and feature-rich, an application not to be missed on your iPhone and iPod. Get more details from your music tracks, organized the songs by category, create the playlist, look for the song to be played and much more.

Here are the details:

  • Creating playlists dynamically
  • Intuitive controls accessible to all
  • Powerful internal search engine
  • Compatibility on the gesture and friendly user interface
  • Ability to sync new songs through iTunes
  • Full support of playlists on iTunes
  • Support for AirPlay
  • Support for idCloud
  • Compatible with the headphones on the remote control
  • Controls directly from the lock screen

In the new version you will find:

  • numerous bugs fixati
  • improved sound control
  • better stability
  • new features

As always, we present further details including the cost and the link to access the pages for the purchase:

Cost: $ 2.99
Version: 1.2
Weight: 16.9 MB
Seller: Clever and Son AG
Language: English
Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Firmware required: iPhone OS 4.1 +

Splice: New Video Editor for iPhone

Splice is a video editor for the iPhone that just landed on the App Store and Apple Store is a success. This new application is very similar to Video editor developed by Apple itself, iMovie, but free of charge. Splice interface is very intuitive. You should only choose to create a new project and go joining fragments pre-recorded videos or add them to kermes record.

Splice has several functions like cutting clips, duplicate, add transitions and background music, and add photos to your image library. Another novelty is presented this application is that it can increase the speed of a video or put it in slow motion. And iMovie is better than about the length of the videos because it allows to record longer projects.

It also allows to include different songs from iTunes and mix multiple tracks of sound.

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