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PlayerX HD : Excellent and Cheap Media Player for iPad

PlayerX is a versatile multimedia player that can play for iPad almost all video and audio formats, without the need to convert your video files before copying them on the tablet.

PlayerX is also able to import video via WiFi (opening the PC’s browser a special page that will point the app) and through e-mail (video attached). The application is capable of playing all common video and audio formats, including: RMVB, MKV, AVI, WMA, FLV, ASF, MP4 and MOV, in addition, has a handy feature that lets you view thumbnails containing 9 the various scenes of the movie you are watching, so you can quickly find the part you want to see the film. Among the features in common with the other players found the ability to play files in the background or on standby and the ability to resume watching a movie from the point where it stopped. In addition to having excellent functionality, PlayerX has also edited and elegant interface that makes using it even more enjoyable.

PlayerX you buy at the App Store for € 0.79 by following this link.

Best Movie International for iPhone: New iPhone App Dedicated to Cinema

Arrives on the App Store the first film magazine designed for the global market, but entirely made in Italy and aimed directly at Apple portable devices, iPhone and iPad. The Best Movie Network is off to conquer the five continents, thanks to the newly Best Movie International, the first magazine of cinema in the world designed for the global market for portable devices directly to the iPhone and iPad.

This is a brand new monthly, which is designed as a showcase of international cinema directly to fans around the world (and thus entirely written in English), without distinction of nationality or premise: a magazine created by the fantasy and the care details that distinguish the made in Italy, but with a clear “worldwide”, rich in relevant content intercontinental. From the report – a more demanding test of moviegoers – the major international festivals to the set of services from all over the world. Best Movie International will offer each month to readers around the world previews of the most anticipated blockbusters, but also a look at the TV series, more and more decisive in determining popular passions, launching new stars and devote great writers.

Also the home video course will have a global view, and each issue will present the main outputs from the 5 continents. A world to discover, then, even for readers of the beautiful country, that cinema can broaden their horizons, thanks to news, insights, and special exclusive for Best International Movie, which will also act as a link to some articles of international common to the Italian edition.

The Best Movie of intercontinental flight will obviously be accompanied by the multimedia capabilities of the Apple platforms. Best Movie Trailer International will be enriched by it, filmed interviews and photo galleries, as well as from functions allowed by the two devices, such as “tap and go”, which lets you jump from one point to another through a magazine touch screen.

Leaders – Cover Story
Pirates of the Caribbean – Beyond the Sea: Johnny Depp sets sail with the new entry Penelope Cruz in search of the fountain of youth: the photo on the set and the film, an interview with the series producer Jerry Bruckheimer, all new players and former series …

Exclusive – Sundance Film Festival
A report of Utah’s best event and interviews with Paul Giamatti, Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum

News – The Pulse
Sci-Fi Special: Science fiction returns to reign on the big screen. A succession of films dedicated to the incoming tip: From a World Invasion Cowboys and Aliens, Transformers from 3 to Real Steel and Guardians of Destiny Academy Awards: The Social Network, Inception, The Black Swan, The grit, Biutiful and Toy Story 3 . This is the top list of titles on which he bet for Best International Movie Awards 2011 Oscar Star Wars Parody: Family Guy and the others: all the parodies of Star Wars, James Cameron’s Special: The director is going to “resurrect” the Titanic and return with the sequel to Pandora’s Avatar

Guides And Film Reviews
A practical and detailed guide to films in cinemas in the U.S. and worldwide in March: Three-dimensional 3D Drive Angry Little Red Riding Hood cartoon blood to Rango. And the reviews of the most popular film in theaters in February, as 3D Sanctum

To find the Best Movie International Go Apple Store, where you can browse for free the preview of the magazine. The App is free of charge, but you can collect any number to € 2.39.

Angry Birds Rio: The Movie Comes in April

Upon returning from the war with the pigs, birds of the family a little angry were worshiping their golden eggs, a mild spring breeze was blowing and nobody thought that this time the threat would lead to South America.

Hector Juan Carlos Feathered, had the impudence to put the clan of birds in an iron cage and taken to a secret location near Rio de Janeiro. Now our heroes will escape and fight against the forces of the South American fauna, and at the same time, release prisoners of Carlos feather, which he kept locked up our own farm.

Angry Birds Rio “The Movie”will be in April in all cinemas, a new film from 20th Century Fox. Also I recall that a month earlier (March), the App Store will premiere a new part of the famous game with the same name. The developers say will offer fifty challenging levels

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