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Solution for iTunes Error 1600, 1601, 1603, 1604 using Redsn0w

Surely more than one trying to update your iPhone with iTunes, half of the process has encountered one of these errors 1600, 1601, 1603, 1604 and the truth is quite annoying.

To fix these errors we have two possibilities:

  • Download iREB (only compatible with Windows)
  • Use Redsn0w (compatible with both Windows and MAC)

In this case we use Redns0w.

  • Redsn0w MAC 0.9.6 RC14
  • Redns0w Windows 0.9.6 RC14


  • Open Redns0w and look IOS for our device, and we give below.
  • Select only the last option, put the iPhone in DFU MODE PWNED.
  • We followed the instructions to put the iPhone in DFU mode are:

With the phone off, leave 3 seconds the power button down and hold the Power 10 seconds left the Home button down and hold the Home, release the Power and expect about 5 seconds.
If all goes well, the iPhone willwill with the black screen .

Done! Since we only need to open iTunes and sync with the new IOS that we installed on our iPhone using the ALT + Restore on Mac or Shift + Restore in Windows.

iREB RC4 is Updated To Fix 16xx Errors When Restoring

iREB famous tool that helps keep iTunes 16xx error us to restore our device since it has just been updated to version RC4. This program is also very useful for installing custom firmwares or famous Whited00r firmwares (Custom firmwares new version for devices that do not accept) that so many errors in 1600 have given our users.

So how we announced before, just updated to version RC4 solving some problems with IOS 3.x on the first generation iPod Touch. It is compatible with IOS 4.2.1, 4.1 and 4.0.

Works on the following devices:

  • iPhone 2G/3G/3G (S) / 4
  • iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G/4G
  • iPad
  • Apple TV 2

You can download iREB RC4 at http://ih8sn0w.com/index.php/welcome.snow

iH8sn0w Released Two Updates for Sn0wbreeze and iREB for Windows

iH8sn0w, developer of sn0wbreeze and iREB, has released two new updates for its programs that allow these, respectively, to create and run the jailbreak using custom firmware on Windows (as with PwnageTool on a Mac) and get out of annoying errors found during restoring a device iOS via iTunes. Let’s see what are the new features.

The innovations introduced with sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 are mainly three: Now you can perform a drag and drop the window of the program to load at the same the original firmware from which you plan to build the custom firmware, several bugs have been fixed including the concerning iBooks (now running at 100%) and some problems with the iPhone 4 Verizon.

Regarding iREB, however, the developer ensures that the new version of the program (4.2.1 RC3), as well as fix some bugs found by users, implements full support to the iPhone 4 Verizon and improves performance with iPhone 3G .

Both programs can be downloaded from the official page of iH8sn0w. Recall that both sn0wbreeze iREB that are only compatible with Windows.

You can download Sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 for Windows at http://ih8sn0w.com/index.php/welcome.snow