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Full List of New Features of iOS 7.1

A few minutes ago Apple published iOS 7.1, as are many who we ‘re asking for new features, here you have the list of innovations that have been published in Cupertino.


  • The iOS system adapted to the car
  • Just connect the iPhone to a car with CarPlay.
  • Compatible with applications Phone, Music, Maps and messages, and third-party audio applications.
  • Control using Siri and the touch screen and buttons of the car.


  • You can manually control the listener Siri by pressing the start button while talking and releasing it when it has finished speaking, as an alternative to automatic Siri listener that detects when it has stopped talking.
  • New more natural female and male voices to Mandarin Chinese, Australian English, British English and Japanese.

iTunes Radio

  • The search field, located above the Featured stations, can easily create stations based on their favorite artists and songs.
  • Buy albums at the touch of a button from “Now Playing”.
  • Subscribe to iTunes Match from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iTunes Radio enjoy no ads.


  • Option to show events in the monthly view.
  • Automatically includes holidays of many countries.


  • Now the option to see the text in bold includes the keyboard, calculator and many icons.
  • Now the option to reduce movement applies to applications Weather and messages, animations and multitasking.
  • New accessibility options : display button shapes, colors darken applications and reduce the white point.
  • New camera settings automatically to enable HDR on the iPhone 5s.
  • Support Keychain iCloud in more countries.
  • FaceTime call notifications are automatically deleted when responding to a call from another device.
  • Fixes an issue that could sometimes cause blocking of the home screen.
  • Improved fingerprint recognition with Touch ID.
  • Improved performance on iPhone 4.
  • Fixed the balloon that indicates the number of unread messages in Mail when the number is greater than 10,000.
  • Continuous improvement of the user interface.

How to Fix Wifi Problem on iPad and iPhone “Unable to Join the Network”

Given that much of the functionality of iOS depends on an Internet connection, it is especially annoying when you can not access through our iPad. The reasons are endless and we can do little if the problem is on our network, but there are other problems that are due to iOS and easily solved by following a few simple steps.

One of the most common problems when you are trying to connect to a specific WiFi network is that we see the following message : “Unable to join the network” The message may appear whether we are trying to connect to a new network as if trying to connect to our home network. The problem is that this message is not descriptive and does not give us any clue as to where the problem might be.

Of course, keep in mind that many variables behind this error message, but here we will try to follow a standard solution that could solve the problem in most cases.

  • The first thing to do is go to Settings – General – Reset and select “Reset Network Settings”. Here duties you enter the password to confirm the restoration.
  • Wait for your iPad or iPad Mini restarts completely.
  • Go back to Settings – WiFi and try to connect back to the network in which you found the problem.

After resetting the network settings, all passwords stored in the different WiFi networks, as well as configuration details of these will be deleted. With this we eliminate all residual cache or preferences that could be affecting the time to connect the WiFi network. So after doing so, you must re-enter all the passwords for different networks.

If you still have the same problem, we try to manually connect to the WiFi network. Therefore we should choose the “Other” option from the menu and enter the WiFi exact name of the router, the encryption type and password.

As seen in OS X Daily, said the problem seems to occur most often when we are trying to connect to a Wireless N router with a higher frequency. If this is your case, restart the router can help solve the problem.

Have you ever had this error message when you connect yourself to a WiFi network?

Sticker for BlackBerry Messenger Coming Soon in BBM Shop

Not long ago, the BBM has been the subject of an update on all three platforms that currently support it or BlackBerry, Android and Apple iOS. This has resulted in several new features so that the recent upgrade to BBM 2.0 introduced the ability to voice calls via BBM with Android smartphones and iPhone along with many new emoticons and sharing of your location. But the BlackBerry does not stop here as we want to transform the BBM messaging platform in a high level to ensure a simple and effective way to keep in touch.

With the next update will see the introduction of Stickers to add to our chat available exclusively on the new BBM Shop. But first things first. Unlike the emoticons that we all know, the stickers are more daring, with the most beautiful images, much more visible, larger in size that will be added to the right of our chat. The stickers are available in packs quite specific upon purchase at the new BBM Shop that we will find in the BlackBerry Messenger.

Each pack contains between 20 and 25 stickers related to a theme or a character. In addition, many of our favorite emoticons will be freely available in sticker. Once you install the various packages of stickers, these are accessible directly from the BBM in the exact same manner as you enter the emoticons. Clicking on a sticker, this is not entered in the text we are writing, but is immediately sent.

A speech deserves the BBM Shop since BlackBerry has found a way to monetize the multi-platform BlackBerry Messenger. Currently the stickers are the only things purchased within the BBM Shop. This does not mean that in the near future BlackBerry can not incorporate other solutions to allow users to express their feelings via BBM. Presumably will be available for in-app purchases for some BBM Channel, to integrate with the web channel or special stickers to customize our channels BBM. In any case will be many surprises and special.

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