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The Best Feature of iOS8 for iPhone 6

  • Spotlight Search: We suggest similar sites based on your search even allowing you to identify the contents of Wikipedia
  • Quick response: Ability to respond to all the messages from the lockscreen
  • Voice messages and video messages: Sending voice messages and video messages in real time
  • Quicktime Prediction: The keyboard can predict what word you are going to write
  • Keyboards third parties: Wide range of keyboards that will be substituted for that of Apple
  • IMessage group messages: Ability to decide whether to turn off the notification of a conversation and more
  • Quick reply via alerts: Ability to respond to messages in style BiteSMS
  • Recent and favorite contacts screen multitasking: Access your favorite contacts directly from multitasking
  • Notifications interactive: Integration of a system for viewing and responding to notifications
  • Siri and Shazam: Searching for a song with Shazam to Siri
  • Notification Center improved and enriched: The weather has been enriched and improved with new widgets for third-party applications
  • Spotlight on Safari: Safari is enriched with the content search functionality through the Spotlight
  • Request desktop site: Safari is able to take the view in the desktop version of sites
  • Sharing from Safari: Improved organizing and sharing web content
  • Improved Mail application: Introduced new features in style MailBox
  • Improved application of Room: Implement new functions such as self-timer, manual exposure adjustment, and more
  • Photo editing enhancements: Implement advanced features for photo editing
  • Family Sharing: Implemented functionality in recognizing the household for the use of a single credit card
  • Health: Application that will allow you to monitor physical activity and vital functions
  • Advanced monitoring of battery: App enhanced to show the real battery consumption

Guide to Install nds4ios on iPhone Without Jailbreak

As we have discussed on other occasions, there are some emulators that allow us to install them on iPhone or iPad without having done the jailbreak, such as the Game Boy Advance. Today we are going to talk about one of Nintendo DS called nds4ios.

Once installed we can play the NDS games on our device, but unlike the GBA they do not go as fluids, or be as comfortable to play on your screen layout, so for now it is enough to test mode at least in our first experience.

If you want to try and say to yourselves, you can follow these instructions you leave to do so and, once installed, you can download the games directly from the emulator itself, though, will have to have all the original games before downloading the ROMs.

Tutorial to install nds4ios, Nintendo DS emulator without jailbreak

  • We access this page :
    http://nds4ios.angelxwind.net/ and click on “Download”.
  • In the page that opens, scroll down to where it says “If you’re not jailbroken and are running iOS 5.1.1 or above…” and click “Install nds4ios (stable) via OTA).”
  • Safari will ask if you want to install and take (you may install error is normal)
  • Then go to Settings/ General/ Date & Time/ Automatic setting and disable.
  • We changed the time February 8, 2014.
  • Should automatically start and finish the installation.
  • Once installed and we can again put the correct date.

New Update Twitch v3.0 for iPhone and iPad

Twitch, app for iPhone and iPad from which we can see live streamings almost any game worth its salt, has just been updated to version 3.0 adding lots of new features.

List of changes Twitch is as follows;

  • More clean and beautiful interface.
  • Enhanced search to find offline channels.
  • Best experience emoticionos and chat with new moderation tools.
  • New profiles. Learn from your favorite channels, even if they are offline.
  • Specific to the iPad: Added a redesigned player that allows you to view and chat simultaneously.

Undoubtedly it is an application to keep in mind by all gamers, especially now that the next generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox One are compatible with it.

Twitch is a free and universal application for iPhone and iPad.

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