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iPhone Game: Football Manager 2011 for iPhone

In an interview with Eurogamer.net, Sega announced the official debut Football Manager 2011, new football management developed by the charismatic Miles Jacobson of Sports Interactive.

The new chapter in the saga of the more popular management sector include a new trading system in real-time contracts between players and companies, as well as a review as regards weekly training and preparation for the match. The most expected Jacobson seems to be the same but the Dynamic League Reputation, which more accurately manage the reputation of the manager during the season according to the results obtained match after match.

Football Manager 2011 will be available on PC, Mac and PSP on 5th November, while not yet confirmed the debut of a version for iPhone, which in the words of Jacobson could debut on the border between the Christmas period and the month of March 2011

New Game for iPhone: HardCore Dirt Bike

This is just a new application on Appstore, it’s about motocross and this game really well made, with a nice graphics, also supports the Retina display in combination with a gyroscope warrant’ exceptional gaming experience. The title you can find it in the Appstore for 2.39 euro price.

The game presents, a nice graphics, a good control of the bike, especially how the first floor. Making an application for iPhone, which portrays the movement as protagonists, is not as simple as looking at the huge flop that had the MotoGP. For my personal opinion I suggest you buy it because in addition to everything mentioned above, you will find five tracks long, and 12 great bike!

OpenFeint Jumped from iPhone to Android, a Thousand Ways to Play Await

OpenFeint no longer exclusive to iPhone, took the leap and is now available on Android. Which was one of the biggest games networks for mobile Apple developed a lot of extras to enhance the gaming experience on Android. One reason might be that users complained about the lack of good games for this phone, you can now create a social network with friends, to define a ranquin of the best players of the series, including using iPhone.

In addition, any developer who wishes may implement OpenFeint in its application, thereby giving greater flexibility of the system and a wider choice of features to Android games and applications.
With this new alliance reveals the tendency of big by betting on Android and already started its journey in this territory with the launch of three free games: MiniSquadron Lite! Tic Tac Toe.

We also expect the arrival of more games for Android, among which are:

  • Face Figther Gold Appy Entertainment
  • Touch Racing Nitro of Bravo Games Studio
  • Symbolism of Chewsoft
  • Baskets 2: Party Time ChickenBrick Studios
  • The Moron Test DistincDev
  • Super KO Boxing, Glu Games Inc
  • Mega Jump Get Set Games
  • Fruit Ninja Halfbrick Studios
  • Bomberman Dojo Hudson
  • Must Eat Birds of Mediatonic
  • Solipskier of Mikengreg
  • Flick Kick Field Goal, Flick Kick Football and Flick Kick Rugby PikPok
  • Super Slyder Sandlot Games
  • Kamikaze Race Tastyplay.com
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