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Download EpicWin for iPhone

Role-playing games, whether traditional or virtual, single player or MMO, have a feature which is that one gains experience battles, which basically are absurd and are designed only for our entertainment. On this premise has created a fun EpicWin an iPhone application that turns our everyday tasks in epic battles.

This software is basically a list of tasks (to-do-list) which will earn experience points and rewards for trivial tasks like going to work everyday, go to college, housecleaning, etc.

This application becomes somewhat amusing these daily tasks that are generalemnte grudgingly or with bad attitude and provides incentives interesting in this regard. The application is not free (costs $ 2.99) but adsequible and get into the iTunes store.

Lord of the Rings Game for iPhone

I’m surprised that has not been done before, Glu Mobile will be the first publisher to release a game with the officially licensed The Lord of the Rings for iPhone. The game, to be called Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense, is part of the strategy genre, a genre particularly suited to touch screen terminals.

Our mission is to control the heroes of the book series created by JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s films and defend the attack scenarios Orcs, and other components of the forces of Mordor either the sword or setting traps in their path.

Gangstar Miami Vindication Now available on the AppStore!

Here’s a game came out today as expected, it is Gangstar: Miami Vindication. YES, indeed it is the new gangstar by Gameloft! This game is simply indispensable.

What is new in Gangstar: Miami Vindication:

  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Driving motorcycles
  • Driving new cars
  • Sailing boat

And new weapons:

  • Shoots flames
  • New guns

And to top it off, Gameloft has been blocked twice on the small details:

  • You can kill alligators (normal, we’re not in Miami?). 🙂
  • And unfortunately I could not see it.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication is available on the AppStore for $ 5.49 € (which is cheap for a good game!).

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