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Firmware Update for Nokia C2-05

Nokia C2-05 has just received a new firmware update. In particular it is firmware version 8.79, which brings many improvements in performance and ease of use, as a warning that the volume is too high and could damage us ears.

Further proof that the company cares for its phones Nokia S40 so well that they are giving in emerging markets and innovations that keep popping up.

Nokia C2-05 Changelog v8.79 firmware:

  • A warning will be given when the volume is too high
  • Improvements in screen brightness
  • Improved memory management device
  • General improvements in performance and ease of use

To get this update via OTA can type *#0000# on the home screen or go to Device Manager> Options> Check for updates, and follow the onscreen instructions. Also available through Nokia Suite. It is recommended to back up all personal data before updating the firmware.

New Firmware Update for Lumia 800

Nokia has prepared an update for the Nokia Lumia 800 that it seems will be released shortly. This update can be considered minor and does not bring significant changes to the operation of the smartphone.

This new Nokia firmware update version Lumia 800 is 12072 and is correct on all audio problems occurred after the previous update, version 12070. This update also comes with a small improvement in the application that improves the camera settings and includes automatic detection at 50Hz and 60Hz.

So far this update has not begun to reach Lumia Nokia 800, but this week is expected to be released completely. Some small improvements that are not apparently in a hurry.

Nokia 603 with Possible Upgrade to Belle FP1

A new firmware is coming to Nokia 603 at the moment, talking about the version 112.10.404. And although there has been no official confirmation, it appears that the absence is Belle FP1 it spreads more.

No official confirmation of the Finns that this new firmware is Belle FP1 but all suspect that it is. The update comes through PC Suite or through Agg.Software present the applications menu smartphone. It is hoped that this update is also available soon for the Nokia 700 and Nokia 701.

Remember that Belle FP1 will bring improvements in browser HML5, Dolby Sound, new widgets, increased processor speed to 1.3GHz or improvements in the notification bar. If someone with a Nokia 603 see significant changes in their phone would be nice to say something personal. Pending stayed.

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