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New Photo Editor for Android : Simpel Selfie

Before you share your photos on social networks almost certainly the shots are going to need a little work. If you do not trust even the classic Instagram, you can choose one of the many applications available on the Google Play Store, such as the new Simple Selfie photo editing tool that allows you to edit and even share your pictures with friends in just a few simple taps.

By downloading Simpel Selfie Photo Editor in you can edit your photo and then share with your friends. The application also provides you with a complete set of tools to edit your photos.  You can rotate images, trim, change the brightness, contrast, add Instagram -style filters, insert a frame or blur a part of the picture. Do not miss the opportunity to add text, insert drawings and also the sticker.

Edit and Share instantly : Take photos directly from Simpel Selfie Photo Editor with your camera, or edit the images in your photo gallery; after editing with the powerful tools Simpel Selfie Photo Editor, now share it with your friends and fans on Facebook, BBM, Twitter, Flickr, and many other social networks.

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New BBM for iPhone Version

The BBM cross-platform handheld Apple iOS is now a reality appreciated as a tool to stay in touch with friends and colleagues using a BlackBerry smartphone or Android. We have already issued guidelines for the use of the BlackBerry Messenger with Apple iOS smartphones and the application is updated to version

Version of BlackBerry Messenger for Android fixes some bugs of the previous version and aims to optimize the battery life during phone calls BBM Voice. Good news for all those who had reported these problems from the beginning of use.

Among the features and functionality guaranteed by BBM for Apple iOS include:

BBM is always on and connected. There is no need to open another application.

  • You can know in real time when your messages have been delivered (D) and when they were read (R).
  • Call for free your BBM contacts whenever you want with BBM Voice
  • Share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more.
  • Allow your contacts to see your real-time location on a map thanks to Glympse
  • You can see when your contacts are responding to a message.
  • The wide range of emoticons allows you to express any mood or emotion.

BBM protects your privacy. You can decide how to handle it :

  • Choose the mode of sharing information : using BBM PIN instead of phone numbers or e-mail addresses ; in this way, privacy is respected and you can always control who can contact you.
  • Choose your contacts : with the ability to create lists of approved contacts, you can decide which users can send messages.

Chat and share content with multiple people :

  • Groups: groups BBM Groups allow you to share pictures, lists, and appointments. You can become a member of a group in which there are users who are not in your BBM contact list.
  • Group chat : You can invite more contacts to join a group chat.
  • Broadcast messages : you can send a message to multiple contacts at the same time BBM.

BBM Channels: join the conversations in real time on your favorite topics.

  • Create a new channel to share your thoughts, your ideas and your passions.
  • Subscribe to a channel to participate in existing BBM chat with other users who share your interests.

Create your own profile BBM :

  • Post the profile picture using images, or animated images ( GIFs ).
  • Updates the state to share with other people your business or your moods.

The BlackBerry Messenger is available for free in the Apple iTunes store.

BBM for Nokia Lumia Available this Summer

BBM for Nokia Lumia is getting closer to reach users of Nokia Lumia series. Although no specific date for its release from BlackBerry has already announced it will be during the second quarter.

So before the summer we should see the official launch of BBM for Nokia Lumia, which also come preinstalled on some new models in the same series, as happens with all the Nokia X range recently rolled out.

Provided sure many users Nokia Lumia long waiting, and every day seems to go climbing positions in the market compared to other services. Still far from the numbers of the largest as WhatsApp, has now announced that they have reached the 113 million registered users, 85 million active users monthly users.

The launch of BBM for Nokia Lumia is a sign that the service wants to expand to more users, and between both companies future plans that might be interesting for the end user

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