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Run Android Apps on BlackBerry Playbook with Android App Player

We talked about the BlackBerry PlayBook integrate Android applications on its platform, with all that implies. Now it will filter an application for BlackBerry playbook to play video, is “Android App Player”, and a video with several basic applications in action.

The Player for Android Tablet BlackBerry playbook and ‘pending an application because the client navito email. It ‘just appeared on the network file for this application is not official and that leaves time to find since there are currently available Android applications or games to load on this player. So the installation and ‘end in’ the same.

Our suggestion is’ do not install this file transferring from your PC to the tablet BlackBerry playbook – side load – because there ‘no guarantee of goodness’ of the same and in any case it would be unusable. From tests done opens a black screen with the symbol in the middle that says that Blackberry initialization and ‘in progress and then not offer us anything.

Must ‘wait a while for an emulator worthy of the name can do appreciate that Android applications on our BlackBerry playbook. However, those wishing to proceed to download the file Android emulator for the tablet and the same playbook BlackBerry ‘available here.

A version of Android App Player for BlackBerry Playbook, has been leaked for testing, and we know that the goal is that developers start to send their applications to the BlackBerry App Android World where there will be a section specifically designed for tablet applications.

As we will see a demonstration video, there are several basic applications of Android running on the Tablet BlackBerry, messaging, email, clock, phone, contacts, camera, calendar, browser, gallery, downloads and more. The application of the Android camera still does not work correctly with the playbook, but if some of its basic functions.

New Firmware Update for BlackBerry Playbook v1.0.7.2650

RIM has released a new update to the operating system of the tablet BlackBerry playbook. is the version that introduced, among others, of minor updates in Adobe AIR that moves from to and Adobe Flash updated to

RIM has introduced the mode ‘plane as an option that turns off all radio functions of the playbook as they have also added a switch to regional menu option’ for the language. In the rest of the article the full changelog.

The new firmware update to version introduces BlackBerry playbook:

  • Improved connectivity and productivity with the BlackBerry Bridge;
  • Enhanced support for saving attachments: the BlackBerry Bridge offers you more flexibility on where and how to save attachments for viewing and editing. And Now ‘can save an attachment on microSD external memory or flash memory on the BlackBerry smartphone;
  • Zip file attachment support – the BlackBerry Bridge provides access to ZIP files received as email attachment. While using the BlackBerry Bridge is now possible to download a zip file from an email from your device to the external memory microSD and then extract the compressed content for viewing or editing on your BlackBerry playbook;
  • Mode introduced the ‘flight-mode to turn off all radio functions
  • Introduced support for portrait images – images that now you have the BlackBerry playbook can be viewed in portrait mode in the layout that best suits your needs;
  • Pinch-to-zoom in the video: use the pinch gesture to zoom in on the details of your favorite video content while the video continues to run;
  • Introduced new support for 15 languages: Basque, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Galician, Hungarian, Bahasa Indonesia, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Swedish, turkish, Romanian and Russian;

To access the Update menu simply start the search ‘under the heading “software updates”.

The Best File Browser for BlackBerry Playbook

Until today, the BlackBerry playbook tablet does not contain a ‘native explorer. He thought the File Browser with many features to help you navigate through all the files and folders of your playbook and those present of the BlackBerry handheld’s microSD memory card when you are ‘connected to the tablet with the BlackBerry Bridge.

In a nutshell File Browser is an amazing file manager and fully functional. You can move, delete, rename, and create zip files and folders on your playbook and BlackBerry smartphones. The interface is easy to use and allows users to switch between the thumbnails to view more information ‘details on file.

In terms of features, files can be opened with their associated program directly from the same application. The navigation is perfect so you can open a Word file with a few touches and then open a music file.

File Browser available for Playbook at BlackBerry App World in about 1 €.

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