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iTunes Radio vs Spotify What Is the Best?

Now that Spotify is free for iPad and iPhone, iTunes Radio could be threatened, With the release of iOS 7, Apple introduced its own streaming music service under the name of iTunes Radio. For now, only available in the U.S., but it seems that iTunes Radio could reach several countries outside the U.S. next year.

Seamless integration with iTunes and iOS7 on Macs and Windows, iTunes Radio makes it one of the streaming music services of higher quality, at least in the U.S.

Last week, Spotify announced that its app for iPhone and iPad could be used without being free premium user. Great news for everyone, no doubt, but after this great run Spotify to keep up the fight to be the streaming music service with more active users, what will happen ?, ITunes Radio or Spotify What is better?

Let’s start by talking about the service provided by both tools. We could say that the service they offer is very similar but each has their hallmark. Both services include in-stream advertising, but the positive thing about this is that its duration is rather short.

iTunes Radio, true to its name, it works like a radio station that analyzes your music preferences to give you a random selection of music that you like.

Spotify, however, let you search for specific artists and albums, yes, provided you are premium user, because if you’re not, you’ll have to settle for random play while in the case of the iPhone. IPad users themselves can select which song to play and access all features available in version for computers.

Both services can boast of offering a great catalog of music groups. The catalog presents iTunes is really awesome, but Spotify is not far, far behind. So it is more likely that no platform will disappoint, as both have an enviable cartel.

iTunes Radio part with advantage in this respect, since it is a native iOS application 7 which comes pre- installed on all your devices. As such, it offers users an enjoyable experience, it is only part of the native music player for iOS.

Spotify, however, has been updated by becoming fully compatible with the seventh version of iOS app and getting that perfectly suits the new interface. In addition, inside we can find plenty of options and menus that make our navigation within the app. In this aspect, I think Spotify should carry a point for achieving a complete app.

It is clear who is the winner in this aspect. iTunes Radio is only available in the U.S.. Spotify, however, is available in a lot of countries around the world and this week announced an expansion in 20 other countries. Never mind that an application is good, quality music and having a great service if people can not get to it, just do not care.

Both services are of high quality and provide a wide range of musical styles that surely meet the needs of all users, but I decantaría by Spotify, at least for now. iTunes Radio is a great service but only if you live in the U.S. or reside there. Spotify, however, is available in many countries and is accessible to millions of users.

And as well argue that boys iMore, the great disadvantage of iTunes Radio is neither its range of music or your service, let alone its fully integrated into iOS 7 application, but the difficulty for users to access it.

Apple Official Docks for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5/5S

After some time without offering official docks for last far end, the iPhone 5, today we can say that Apple re-distribute, but this time for the last two (and as commented) news.

Apple 5S Docks

That’s because Apple has decided to sell two new models official dock or base station, using the announcement of the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

Both accessories are only available in white, with the traditional minimalist design of Apple, at a price of $29 (about €22). If you look, are virtually identical, the only difference (min) is the shape of the hole to fit the iPhone (left, 5C iPhone dock, and right the iPhone 5/5S).

But beware another detail: in his first official day of sale on the web, the iPhone 5S dock appears to be unavailable temporarily (is that everyone who had bought one iPhone 5?) We include links to below.

iOS 5.1. OTA Update Problems

Some users are experiencing problems when updating their devices via OTA, ie through the device itself without connecting to iTunes. If you iOS reports the following error when updating: “It is impossible to find an update, an error occurred while looking for the software update.” The solution is simple and can be done from your own device.

Follow the following path: Settings – WiFi – Click the blue arrow on your WIFI network

Once here, we have to change the numbers in the DNS, putting the Google Public DNS:

Now, if you go to Software Update, yes you would have to be able to update via OTA.

VERY IMPORTANT: do not do this if you have done jailbreak, if you will have to update via iTunes. OTA update a jailbroken device may corrupt the files inside the device and leave it unused.

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