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Download New Version of iTunes 9.0.2

Apple has updated iTunes to a new version, 9.0.2, with a few other interesting developments, such as compatibility with Apple TV 3.0

As I always say, I advise waiting just in case update, Apple has not introduced any new security system that will bring headaches.

I advise patience, at least until the DevTeam or Geohot says it is safe.

New developments are bringing among other things, compatibility and menus deAppleTV 3.0, iTunes Extras, LP iTunes Genius Mixes, Internet radio, iPhoto Events, and iPhoto Faces, and correction of various bug and improved accessibility.

To update if you want, when you open iTunes is available.

Star Wars Trench Run for Iphone!

Doubtless there are exceptional bloggers do not say that personally know the person making Iphoneros.com possible, but if you have the Apple phone, do not miss this web www.iphoneros.com continue to be completely up to date. It’s just brilliant.

I tell this for a few days ago, I was very surprised by the news that had come on this website and that makes me look the App Store every few minutes …

George Lucas has brought StarWars Trench Run to recreate the famous scene of XWING entering the Death Star, could be more cool?!

If you like the movie and you have iPhone or simply want an original game for your phone will not let to see the Apple store and the link to Iphoneros to anger mouth opening. Impressive!

Download Flickr App in the Apple App Store

Last Time: Flickr now available in the App Store

Flickr AppĀ  for iPhone / iPod Touch is now available on the App Store Spanish.

Up to now was only available in the U.S., like all go …

As the title says, this is a breaking news story because they do not know exactly how long has he been available.

The application is in the photography section and is free.

Download: Flickr at http://itunes.com/app/Flickr/

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