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Viber Coming for Android

Viber is a very popular application among those who have an iPhone and soon will be for owners of Android phones. It is shortly application, now in testing, will be officially made available.

Viber allows users to make phone calls over 3G and WiFi to other users with the program installed. With free registration on the website you can call and write unlimited messages (the service uses your data plan and no voice traffic)

Viber claims that it has added unique features to the version for Android, including a more comprehensive screen, popup to notify you text messages, integration with the system calls and the ability to set Viber as default dialer.

Recall that the application is being tested again a few days, and hopefully will be available on the Market.

ESET Mobile Security Beta for Android

While Google has said it will be careful with viruses, spyware on Android, do not forget who has been attacked twice, and has as it continues to grow this platform becomes more vulnerable.  And we have no recourse to protect our equipment. And of course, could not be without third party apps we Offer solutions.

Currently, the company ESET, which specializes in anti-malware solutions, is expanding its portfolio of security solutions for smartphones and Pocket PCs with the launch of ESET Mobile Security for Android operating system in beta. According to research by Gartner, last year bought 297 million smartphones worldwide, an increase of 72% compared to 2009. Android operating systems have their own with 22.7% of this total. With this release, the solution for mobile devices ESET, previously only available for computers running Windows Mobile and Symbian, Android extends its protection to protect more than 60% of smartphone users from known and unknown threats.

As the Android operating system is becoming more popular, users often rely on their computers to store large amounts of sensitive data. Personal information intended to be kept private or shared continuously transferred wirelessly. Files, emails, text messages and multimedia deserve the highest level of protection to prevent misuse should they fall into the wrong hands.
ESET’s solution Mobile Security includes a firewall completely integrated and innovative anti-theft features to help protect sensitive information of the device in case of loss or theft and prevent insertion of unauthorized SIM card.

Among the main features of ESET Mobile Security include:

  • Proactive detection of malware: The optimized heuristic scanning engine ESET solutions ensures protection against current and emerging threats.
  • Call blocking: This feature allows you to block calls in both directions, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Security Audit: Through this feature, users can schedule regular diagnostic of all your vital functions, including battery life, disk space, running processes, Bluetooth and visibility of the device.
  • SMS and MMS Antispam: Gives the user the ability to define trusted contacts according to classification in black and white lists or simply block unknown numbers.

It also includes benefits such as:

  • Security System Anti-Theft: Multiple levels of security allow you to keep track of data stored on the phone if lost or stolen.
  • Remote lock
  • GPS tracking
  • Remote Wipe: removal of all data stored on the phone remotely by sending an SMS command to delete all contacts, messages and files on the memory card.
  • Protection before uninstalling: Ensure that your phone does not diminish the protection by uninstalling ESET Unauthorized Mobile Security

To test ESET Mobile Security for Android operating system in beta visit this link.

Install Android Applications from Unknown Sources

There is a moment in the life of every user in which you want to install an Android application from the PC or is not in the Android Market. But how? Here we tell you.

Install Android applications from Laptop/PC
Surely you’ve ever wanted to install an application that was not the Android Market and has left you a message saying that for security, your phone is set to block installation of applications that are not derived from the Android Market. So how should I do to install Android apps from the Android not obtained or the PC Market? It is very easy.

Press the Menu button on the home screen, select Settings> Applications> Power Unknown (Unknown Source). But what are these unknown sources? They are simply applications that do not come from any source other than the Android Market. An application can be sent to you via email or downloaded from a website or an application you’ve been in your PC to the phone.

If you fear for the security implications of allowing the unknown sources, no problem. Just install the application from the source “no Android Market, and then select the option again to clear the installation of these applications.

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