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The Apple AirPlay, Now Available in Linux

We have in OMG! Ubuntu!, where they explain that AirPlay is an Apple proprietary service “that allows a computer, iPhone, iPod or iPad with the iTunes player or iOS 4.2 Sending a music content, video or photos via streaming to multiple devices such as a Airport Express, Apple TV or other devices with AirPlay support. “

Cloud Computing service from Canonical, Ubuntu One, and offered support for streaming music via AirPlay through Ubuntu One official client for the iPhone last year, but this new option Totem extends that support to those who have devices with iTunes or with IOS and also manage Linux on their computers, for example at home or at work.

To access the plugin will have to download it from the git repositories sukimashita.com that est├ínlocalizados here. So, to put up the first thing you’ll have to do is clone the repository via the corresponding command in a terminal:

git clone http://git.sukimashita.com/totem-plugin-airplay.git

And then move those files to the directory:


This includes creating the directories where needed. Finally you will have to enable the plugin in the plugins menu of Totem, and now you can enjoy AirPlay into your Linux computer.

What New in iOS 4.2?

From this afternoon you can download version 4.2 software for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The main improvement is related to video games to incorporate iPad Game Center. Multitasking also helps in that field.

The rest of innovations, ranging detailed below, along with some video of them:

  • Multitasking (with possibility of background audio applications), Folders, and Game Center in iPad.
  • Airprint [print photos, emails, websites, etc … Airprint compatible printers via wireless]
  • Airplay
  • Find my iPhone is now free for iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch [see video] Even if we have one of these three, we can create the account to Find my iPhone in it and then add other models “unsupported.”
  • Search for text in Safari pages.
  • Tray unified several accounts in iPad.
  • The iPad lock button becomes, as in their younger siblings, to silence the device. To block the rotation we can double click on the Start button, slide to the left menu and press the virtual button. They also find a shortcut to the brightness.
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