RDS Hockey App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

RDS strives to keep you informed on the latest sports news wherever you are. Already well established on TV and the Internet, we are now able to reach you no matter what type of cell phone you own! Thus, we assure you that you will always be the first to hear the news of the day.

RDS Hockey application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
The long-awaited iPhone application is finally available RDS! Enjoy all the sports information of the hockey world in French and this absolutely free! You will find a wide range of information:

  • Results of all live NHL games
  • The team standings and schedule
  • For a complete player
  • The latest news from the news and reviews from our experts.
  • For poolers: the possibility of combining the rosters of their respective pools in a single place to check one out!

RDS mobile site
The mobile version of RDS.ca, available at m.rds.ca, gives you access to the same quality content that you rds.ca accustomed. Its ergonomic design ensures that only the best content is put forward while rapidly charging your cell phone.

RDS mobile alerts
The RDS mobile SMS alerts allow you to not miss any of the latest twists in the world of sport. Whether an injury to a key player, a signature of contract, a record broken, a major exchange or the final score of a sporting event scoring, and these mobile alerts will be the fastest source to be informed quickly. You just have to choose packages that suit you best!