Download New TinyUmbrella with New UI and Features

The TinyUmbrella is a program that allows you to save SHSH so they can make the case they need to downgrade the IOS. It also means that it can update your iPhone 4 to IOS 4.1 without the baseband is the same date, thus making it impossible to unlock.

Now this program has a major new upgrade, which gives it a new UI (User Interface) as well as new features. Let’s see what’s new:

  • Now, all devices are detected by TinyUmbrella stored for future use;
  • We can save SHSH without the iPhone connected, simply for what he has already been detected and stored in advance;
  • When connecting a device in recovery mode we can use it to “kick it out of recovery”, simply by pressing the right mouse button and select “kick it out recovery”;
  • Ability to save all SHSH available on Cydia with a touch of a button;

These are some of the news that the 4.1.8 version of TinyUmbrella brings. You can download this program at the official website hxxp://