SimplyTweet vs Twittelator for iPhone

It ‘a lot’ us frenzy and fanatical twitter client tested in great detail each and every new client outbound update an existing one. Well, needless to say that I have personally tried and practically everyone, and in the end I concluded that the client Twittelator really was more complete for an average user / expert. However, there are several sources of thought in identifying graphics functions rather than the strength of that client. I am clearly sided with those who choose the features and functionality / immeditezza product.

Then I came eye on a client from a product developer in Singapore that actually went a bit ‘on the sly: the case of SimplyTweet, available on the AppStore in two versions, free and pay. The main difference is the absence of push in the light version. Well I tell you in all sincerity that I have since I bought the deleted SimplyTweet everyone else from my iPhone Twitter client, including Twittelator and I explain the reasons which led me to this decision and what points higher than this innovative client Twittelator :

  • The timestamp SimplyTweet: seem a small thing, but reading tweets on the exact time and date instead dell’antipatico “7 hours ago” is a good thing. You know it immediately if your friend has posted a tweet at 4am to 7am rather than without taking the watch and make calculations
  • SimplyTweet load all unread tweets, and mentions ALL DM. If for any reason you opened Twitter for two or three days you could easily find 1500/2000 tweets unread! And this is a feature exclusively in SimplyTweet, all other clients get up to 200 tweets
  • The push. I must say that the push to work fine for SimplyTweet Mentions and DM and sincerity of these periods is not a trivial matter.

If you still can not believe I have to buy it, do a simple test with the free version, and to imagine how this could be the whole, with the addition of the push.