Battlefield Bad Company 2 will arrive in November for iPhone and iPod Touch

Electronic Arts has announced the upcoming debut of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 pages on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. This new version of the shooter will include a single player campaign with 14 missions, set in five different locations which include a jungle, desert and snowy.

Do not miss even a multiplayer mode, although at the time were not provided details, as there is still a mystery on how it will be implemented the use of the media during combattimenti.Si is yet another move that shows As EA points on Apple’s handheld platforms to expand its reach.

The publisher, one of the first to believe in this new and thriving business, has already released the App Store specially modified versions of titles belonging to series of first-rate as FIFA, Madden, Tiger Woods and Need for Speed.

This game is almost identical to the console, just reduced in order to play the best on our iPhone and iPod Touch. You will be catapulted into the battleground of jungles, glaciers, deserts, cities and even in the sky. Use the controls intuitive to destroy the enemy with tanks and helicopters, the state of the art of combat between vehicles. Obviously it is also a Multiplayer Online and Bluetooth where we can fight with 4 players in maps in dedicated mode and Free for Alls Team Death Matches. As soon as you will soon be released on Appstore alerted by a new article