David Archuleta Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? If your answered yes to this question you mention that you can get free David Archuleta official application.

This is really well done application, easy to use and exploration, lots of audio / video content really be missed. You can listen and buy tracks from the new album “The Other Side Of Down”, to interact with the Archangels from around the world (with the ability to locate their position on the virtual map proposal), upload your own images, discover all the latest updates offered on the official website of David Archuleta and read all the tweets of David and those in which is mentioned. There will be a complete biography, updated Arche, a discography, links and many other content areas and to live to 360 degrees your passion for David Archuleta and his music. You can also receive notifications every time there is something new, so you have the ability to be updated in real time on Archie.

The application is offered in several languages, including Italian, so you’ll never get around the various sections and select the content most relevant to you. We also show two new photos of the recent photoshoot that David has done for the new album “The Other Side Of Down.” The pictures are unusual and unique, and have been proposed by a preview of its official application for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

What are you waiting to download the official application of David Archuleta? and do not forget to also publish your product review on iTunes … we are sure that will exceed your expectations!