JustinTV Apps for iPhone Comes with More Features

The live streaming video over the Internet every day plunges its roots, Justin.tv is one of the most efficient for any content from your computer, well, that was until recently because now you can see from your phone.

Other services have also emerged as Justin.tv, Ustream, Livestream and Live, the new bet YouTube is at your trial. To Justin.tv task is hard, not because his leadership is in danger, but because every year more of the millions of videos that are transmitted through the site, in 2009 alone over 130 million were seen there.

A few days ago Android user could enjoy Justin.tv, is free and you can see video either 3G or through Wi-Fi. From this you can share what you see in the major social networks: Facebook and Twitter, chat with friends in real time while watching a video (one of the main features of the web version).

According to the company, the application for Android already been downloaded for 20% of users of the service, but expect people using iPhone hooked faster than the Android tool.

Ustream and Qik, two sites that provide the same service and therefore compete with Justin.tv and have applications for iPhone. We should expect what the bet Google with YouTube Live, from hope and a role for Android, the mystery is whether the iPhone will benefit