Android and iPhone App: my6sense

The application that we will teach you today is called my6sense, and what it does is to import RSS feeds and social streams, recognizing that we like to read based on our own reading behavior, displaying the contents more interesting for us from the streams. This was a great success, so two days ago that its Android app was released to the Android Market, along with an update that now supports Google Buzz. More information, along with its own download link after cutting.

With the same, once we add our Twitter accounts, Facebook, Buzz and Google Reader, my6sense show us the content on our social stream on an interface. Using the technology of “digital intuition” (or digital intuiton) of the company, the app will analyze what types of content and sources clicked more often, and then show similar content, all this as we interact with the application.

As is the option to view the content depending on the technology of intuition, we can also see the contents of all of our feeds and sources, and filter them according to what are social networks, and more. Something I find very useful, since the app is that we share this same content (for example, via a tweet, and our account would be associated with the application).

In conclusion, we can say that this is a great app for both IOS and for Android. my6sense also offers an API that allows one to place the technology of intuition directly on a website. Could this have something better? Yes, the app is free for IOS and Android. They also plan to make software for a wide variety of platforms, but there is not anything official.

* Price: Free!
* Operating System: IOS 3.0 or higher / Android
* Download Link:
* Official website: