The Best Free Games Sony Ericsson xPeria x10 and HTC EVO 4G

The new terminal with integrated Google Android operating system come with increasing skills and this is reflected in a better quality of games. For those who engage in this business we have compiled a selection of the best free downloadable games for Android. While recognizing that the king in the aspect of mobile gaming catalog remains the iPhone, Android games are starting to take confidence with simple but very attractive proposals.

If you are someone who is lost so new in the Android Market and you want to be safe when you start downloading games we strongly recommend that you take a look at this installment of the best free downloadable games for Android . Never sit on the bus stop or wait as your boyfriend @ is fixed for hours was so much fun.

BlowUp Lite: probably will have tried many flash titles with the same mechanics. We have created a structure with wood and metal that we reduce to rubble, while also forced to the mountain of failures does not exceed a height limit. To complete the task at each level will be a doll and a star, if we both collide in the course of the explosion will get multiplied our score.

Bonsai Blast: Sure, if I talk about Zuma sounds like any Chinese. This is a game that has some years in which we should end up with a string of colored balls in motion Puzzle Bobble style. This reflects the same pattern but varying the topic, that of not having problems copying and pasting to the brazen. Long and fun but rough in terms of controls. An error has promised remedy in future updates.

Air Control Lite: Famous for its successful iPhone, again we embark on the difficult task of becoming an air traffic controller. Four types of aircraft, each with a different track, which we must be guided by checking flight patterns at the same time avoid colliding with each other. Harder work than it seems, especially when the number of vehicles multiplied and velocities of the two are so different.

Live Holdem: Poker fever sweeps the go, and Android was not going to be less. The particularity of this title is that we can play online against other players, making the games in a contest to cope with difficult given the number of experienced players who populate this type of security. It’s like having a professional poker table in your hand without having to leave the savings of a month in the first game.

Alchemy: We start with the jewel in the crown of the Android Market, a game that you enjoy every terminal, regardless of their abilities, and will become your most faithful partner in every free moment you have. The premise is easy, start with four elements: fire, air, land and water, which must combine to achieve a total of 300 among the things that are as diverse as zombies, dinosaurs or even bird flu. So, fire and earth will become lava, lava stone, air, etc. Never a simple concept had contributed so much.

Guns’n’Glory: We have a Tower Defense type game will love it. Will control a band of outlaws who rob aims every peasant passing through the stage and with the profits we get new bombers that we will make it easier task when the innocent begin to arm themselves.
Bebbled: If something is easy to develop a puzzle game, so at the Market you can find hundreds of them, but this is one of the most addictive I’ve got to try. The mechanism is simple, join colored spheres as in any other genre title, but here the goal will vary from the second level and begin to sweat and tears to complete.

SudokuFree: After reading the title of the game would not need to explain much more were it not that in this case the possibilities proposed by this bible of popular Japanese puzzle together many aspects and difficulties. Beyond simple it is to play, containing various levels will eventually become addicted to Sudoku. Adding that even has a section which explains the history of ancient pastimes, it is clear that if you’re already tired of doing the puzzles that come in the paper this is a highly recommended alternative.

Paper Toss: Another migrant who left his iPhone to find success in new lands. The classic competition to see who gets the ball of paper in the bin from a distance in this addictive virtualizes game where you compete against your own bookmarks and your friends. Not suffice to point to the trash as a fan and power steering will vary force us to calculate very well the parable to carry out the ball.

Abduction!: It was one of the first games that came to the Market and its simplicity in concept and in terms of graphics is good proof of that. Despite that little detail, handle this cow with the motion sensor on the phone while hitting jumps going up to the stars and be abducted soon becomes a real habit. It contains several levels of difficulty, including one for children at that time when they ask for mobile and do not want to be on alert all the time to put the game again if you kill them, or one of infinite difficulty that you never to the ship and compete for the highest administered online.

Antigen: Remember the series Once upon a time the human body, because this time plays one of those white blood cells, on their way to a major illness, we must deal with the virus found us out. To do this using motion control, on-screen keyboard or trackball, will guide our character to the edges of each of our enemies. His side will feature a manner befitting one of our sides, so we turn our microscopic hero until he found the last of each invader.

Baseball Superstars: Perhaps one of the most important games the graphics of the entire catalog of the Market. A baseball title with multiple computers that allow us to make games loose from the bus stop to Little League championships and when we have more time to devote. Your players will remember those large-headed type classic PlayStation titles that triumphed in Japan a decade ago. Back then we had to settle for seeing them in magazines because they never leave the country came to Japan, but is now released for Android has become the favorite pastime of many users.

Quadratus: We continue with another puzzle for fun do not stop giving the coconut. This time the objective is to fill the screen ball without leaving a blank space, a difficult goal to achieve when the barriers begin to complicate the path.

Frogly: Yes, the protagonist is a frog, but has nothing to do with the classic Frogger. In this case, we have come to the pond and is now touching food. With a simple 2D system we calculate our distance jumping and parable in order to achieve the flies that hover over the scene, avoiding the red bugs.

Buka: I could brew a spin off of the LocoRoco from Sony but has little to do except for the nice design of your character. In this case we travel through space while avoiding our enemies with the touch screen or motion control. To finish off the move can blow the whole creature that brings us closer, something easy at first but a challenge when the screen begins to fill.