Download Android Game: Angry Birds beta for Android

If we talk about mobile games in this 2010 can not not refer to Angry Birds. This game in a very simple format became the most downloaded game this year reaching a record of almost 7 million for iPhone and iPod Touch. This week the game moves and reaches the Android operating system.

Since Angry Birds appeared in the Apple Store never thought I would have the success he had and currently have and that in itself is a very simple game, gameplay and a story very basic. But you really have to admit that this game has driven all the major game companies like Electronic Arts and Gameloft.

The game has a simple order to send birds by a catapult to knock down structures where they are pigs. All birds have different powers to make a difference between levels. The company that developed this game is the Finnish Rovio, founded in 2003 with a completely different view today as none of its founders thought that in just months were going to sell nearly 7 million copies of this game.

Now thinking of another very important niche such as Android phones the company is in full development of the game for this platform and this week will launch the beta version. The game is also available in the OVI STORE and Palm Pre, a game interesting for its simplicity and its great success. In turn the company after the successful launch to the market thought the comic of this game. An interesting bet a company that achieves simplicity in mind, a huge success.