Another Free Best Game for Bada OS: Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior on Samsung Wave

After the iPhone version, Digital Legends Entertainment and Indiagames Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior come for the Samsung Wave. Available for free download, the game makes us fight our way to being the best.

There are five different modes to play – Story, Arcade, Time Attack, Versus and Survival – the first of all (Story, or History) by Bruce guiding with 5 different chapters of fighting. They let you start with some basic skills, then work on them while we beat several enemies in various tournaments and challenges. Moreover, one can play with four unique roughhousing with a total of 10 wrestlers (in other modes do not have to play with Bruce mandatory). Finally, there are 5 different places to fight, day or night, including the streets of Hong Kong market, and four called The Docks, Roof Tops, Tournan Temple Yards and Halls …

As I mentioned, is a free download and should not wait long to download. If you’re still not convinced, below you will see how Bruce Lee is Dragoon Warrior, from the trailer and then leave them – is a trailer for their version of the iPhone, but the game looks exactly like the Samsung Wave.