The Best Fashion Apps for iPhone and iPad

I am active user (and overactive) iPhone since my company decided to make the last change of contract with Movistar. It can be said to have become the extension of my body. Wherever I go, he is, in my hand, complaining that her emails and messages coming from my social networks.

For months they do not provide entertainment without sharing it on Facebook, and my account of free downloads from Apple Store does nothing but grow. This is how I discovered the iPhone apps for H & M, Zara, Mango, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Woman, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, D & G and Gucci, and since then, my experience as a client and regular readers of some of these stores and publications has not gotten better. From shaker discount H & M and the beautiful and elegant layout of Mango, the speed with which you view slides on a pair of Zara’s final season: these small little games have become my most recent vice!

iPhone with me while I’m shopping has become a must because, to be honest, I am of those who need a nudge to buy and tips to put together outfits and accessories. I noticed that these apps will help you memorize the collections, and can identify those items that are sold in various colors and patterns, from the more exclusive or promotion.

The problem is the time the store staff does not know the collection of which you speak, and when you show them the iPhone will release the mythical “not yet reached us,” what you see above is what you get “or merchandise comes to us on Thursday, maybe that jacket is then.”

And is that on this island, things are late. And fashion … well. Fashion should not have to wait.