The Best Apps for IOS

Hello! Today I come with a post a little geek. I’ll tell you what my essential apps on my iPod Touch, I hope that is helpful for beginners (like me) and most veteran in the operating system of the apple.

1. Basic Apps
In the App Store there are some apps that are essential: Facebook, Twitter apps … They are going to use if or whether. Facebook there is only one, the official. Twitter is a lot: Twitterrific, Twittelator … My favorite is Twitter for iPhone, free, and do very well met.

2. Doodle Jump
This game is undoubtedly the most use on the iPod. It costs only € 0.79, and it’s great. It works with the accelerometer of the phone, and is the doll go up gradually. It’s very very good. Really.

3. Dark Nebula
It is a very difficult game but also very good. It consists of taking a ball through different channels, avoiding spikes, cannons … It’s cool. And Free!

4. Prince Retro
If ever you played the classic Prince of Persia, that of life, surely you are passionate about this reissue of the game, with original music and all, for IOS. It is very good, and are getting updates with enhancements. € 0.79. Recommended.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express
To retouch photos on the phone there is nothing better than this app, free. Gira, paint, save and share on social networks. Okay, I use it frequently.

And so far that’s all. Surely there are many that I have eaten with potatoes, so I will update this post: P I hope you enjoyed and served:) If you have any suggestions, comments!