The Most Popular Applications for Smartphones

The increasingly widespread use of smart phones, Internet access, allowed users were able to extend the functionality of their equipment through additional applications. Reading e-books, maps of various cities and currency converters are examples. In this connection, each company strives to offer its users the most complete catalog of programs for their respective platforms.

Against this background, and the overwhelming choice of programs that exist for each cell phone to your operating system, a good way to start discovering the world is figuring out which offer the major players in the industry: Nokia, Blackberry (RIM), Apple, Microsoft and Android.

Not everyone uses the same metrics to define what are the applications downloaded or popular. However, a common denominator in all cases is the possibility of distinguishing free software payments.

For more details from the website ( can see listings of payments and free programs, divided between audio and video applications and games.

Most downloaded free applications

  • YouTube (Entertainment) – The official implementation of the online video platform from Google, optimized for Nokia cell phones
  • Moove! (Music) – A music player that lets you control the playlist gesture
  • Locago (Maps) – A mobile application that addresses and incorporates detailed contextual information with weather data, Wikipedia and Flickr images
  • Skype (Utilities) – Application to make free telephone calls between users of the platform
  • The Flashlight + SOS (utilities) – Application that uses the phone screen as a flashlight, with a combination of seven different colors

The Most Populer BlackBerry App

Research in Motion provides a list of the most popular applications on its platform directly from the BlackBerry App World or from its website ( At present, the most downloaded free programs are:

  • BlackBerry Messenger – Official application to chat with RIM BlackBerry users
  • BlackBerry App World – RIM official application that allows access to the software store for the various BlackBerry models
  • Hangman – The classic Hangman, now available on BlackBerry
  • crunchSMS – Text Message Manager offers a different view with each SMS
  • Caller ID Reader – An application that “reads” the contact name of the incoming call

The Most Downloaded Apple Applications
The company founded and led by Steve Jobs has a detailed ranking of applications, detailing what the most downloaded titles.
Pay most downloaded applications

  • a Mobile Tracker for iPhone and iPod (Utilities) – Possible to locate any phone on earth and details on its location
  • Terminator Salvation (Games) – The official game of the science fiction film
  • MusicID (Music) – Identify any song you hear on the radio
  • Doodle God (Games) – Use your imagination to create different elements
  • WhatsApp Messenger (Social Networking) – Messaging software available to connect to Smartphone

Most downloaded free applications

  • Windows Live Messenger (Social Networking) – Allows users to establish conversations with other Microsoft Messenger
  • Build your city (Games) – A game that lets you build your own city
  • Make the roar (Games) – A game aimed Shrek bother to do his famous growl
  • (News) – Implementation of the news site Infobae
  • Age my Face – Free Aging Tool (Entertainment) – Lets guess what will be the face of a person in a few years from an image

The recommendations for Windows Mobile and Android
Officially, both Windows Mobile from Microsoft and Android, the Google operating system that promotes not have a ranking defined as in the rest of the platforms. Nor do the companies provide information on the subject, and detail that their websites have descriptions of their applications for cell phones.

For reference, both Windows Market Place ( as Android Market ( have a section with free applications and most popular pay downloaded from the respective platforms, detailed by category.

For example, recommendations include the implementation of Android official Twitter, or the program to read e-books Kindle Store.

For its part, cell phones with Microsoft’s operating system are available MyPhone utility, which allows a backup of the contents of the device, or some applications to access news content, including AP Mobile News Agency or Facebook for Windows Mobile.