Five Top Paid iPad Applications

May I show you five top iPad App to use every day:

Osfoora HD (2,99 €)
Twitter Osfoora HD is a ultra-fast Twitter client for IPAD. It provides an elegant and easy access to all features of Twitter. Osfoora HD has all the features of Osfoora for the iPhone and more.  With a superb user interface, support for multiple accounts, optional mode “landscape” filled (customizable), text expander, support carriage, the lists of twitter tweets near, and the ability to tweet using Twitter songs … becomes a joy!


  • Support for multiple features easy handling.
  • Full support of the landscape (configurable).
  • Save position on the application of termination (the main points of view, the scroll position, and the view of writing)
  • Friday Follow Great Builder
  • Native support TextExpander
  • Lyrics Tweet.
  • Auto Refresh (1,2,3,4,5 minute intervals). It can be disabled.
  • explore and easily manage your twitter timeline, lists, messages, bookmarks, lists, saved searches, and more.
  • informative timeline indicates retweets, Conversations, Bookmarks, Images, own posts, read / unread all online.
  • deputy managing advanced attach multiple photos at once for a single message.
  • Twitlonger support.
  • Easy access to all your contacts.
  • advanced projects manager.
  • Support for native retweets RT mode normal.
  • Customize your Twitter profile, change avatar, personal information.
  • Excellent viewer user profile, save and view full profile images, the user’s location on the map, more.
  • Support Lists, View / Add / Delete Edit /.
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe to lists.
  • Add / remove users to their own lists.
  • See the retweets, retweets of others and their tweets that have retweeted.
  • View geotagged tweets also Geotag your own tweets.
  • View / Save or Remove Search terms synchronized with twitter.
  • Nearby  Search, View Map.
  • Twitter user search.
  • Trends support.
  • Translate tweets.
  • perfect Instapaper / Read later integration.
  • Url shortnening with bitly and TinyURL.
  • Support bitly personalized logins and passwords of the API.
  • Yfrog Upload photos, Twitpic,, tweetphoto and Posterous.
  • See Conversations between friends.
  • messages with support direct conversation.
  • InApp browser, email, image viewer.
  • Delete tweets, block users, report as spam.
  • Customize font size, refresh rate.
  • Notifications supported through the application BoxCar
  • not missing any tweets, through the detection of differences.
  • Mark all as read
  • Email Image Save.

Reeder for IPAD (3.99 €)

  • Client for Google Reader.
  • Sync with Google Reader
  • Browse by folder or feed
  • Manage favorite items, notes
  • Support for shared items and articles to share with friends
  • Mark Unread
  • Image Caching
  • State saving
  • Bottle of control list entries:
  • Slide to the right to switch read / unread
  • Slide to the left to switch favorites / unstarred
  • Services and Sharing:
  • Send to Instapaper or ReadItLater
  • Post to Twitter
  • In e-mail application for the exchange of articles
  • Mobilizing and Google Instapaper
  • Open Safari
  • Copy link

Brushes for IPAD (5.99 €)

  • Create a work of art anywhere, with brushes on your IPAD!
  • Brushes paint application is popular, specially designed for the IPAD. Simple to learn, but powerful enough for professionals – Brushes are used to create four different New Yorker cover!
  • 19 high quality brushes
  • Up to 6 layers (1024 x 768)
  • Rearrange, combine, change and transparency of the layers
  • 5-way merger
  • Import pictures in any size and scale
  • Fast zoom from 50% to 3200%
  • The desktop color picker and eyedropper class
  • Undo and redo Generoso
  • In-app reproduction of their paintings
  • VGA / TV-Out paint live show on an external monitor
  • Send your pictures directly to Flickr
  • Export high-resolution brushes in Mac OS X Viewer:

BeejiveIM for IPAD (7,99 €)
Keep in touch with your friends through instant messaging wherever you are. BeejiveIM keeps you connected with your friends using AIM ® / MobileMe ®, MSN ® / Windows Live ®, Yahoo ®, GoogleTalk ®, Facebook, MySpace, ICQ ® and Jabber … all at the same time and from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

BeejiveIM Key Features:

  • BeejiveIM uses existing data plan, so there is no charge per message.
  • Red efficaz and reliable: it remains connected at all times, saving battery at the same time.
  • Still connected even after you close the app. You will be notified immediately when you receive a new message (requires push email, and MobileMe or Exchange / ActiveSync).
  • Compatible with multiple IM networks and multiple accounts per network: AIM ® / iChat, MSN ®, Yahoo ®, GoogleTalk ®, Facebook IM, ICQ ®, Jabber and MySpace IM.
  • Send and receive files, including photos and voice messages. Open and forward documents received.
  • Instant messaging similar to your computer, with all your friends listed in an intuitive user interface.

IFile (Cydia $ 4, with free version with limitations)

  • iFile is an explorer, manager and file viewer under the root user with the ability to delete, copy, cut, paste, rename, view and transfer files.
  • Is downloaded from Cydia, so it is necessary to have performed the Jailbreak.
  • If we have the Camera Connection Kit USB stick which we can use this file browser.
  • For me this this is the jewel in the crown and the reason for the IPAD Jailbreak.

These are the five applications they use now, What are yours?