Nokia Lumia 530 Now Has its Own Official Case

Nokia Lumia 530 is starting to get each passing day more markets and it appears to be one of the smartphones that packs a punch stronger among users. A quality and really low price now must add that also have their own official case.

As you can see the first images of the official cover of the Nokia lumia 530 this makes the smartphone is fully enclosed and protected inside the case, in addition to not break anything aesthetics of the device, or be not too bulky as to make it uncomfortable to wear.

This case will be purchased for 15.99 USD and will be available in black, orange and green colors and it looks so you can see at stores like Amazon or Expansys will be available from September 11.

The Nokia Lumia 530 has not yet reached the Spanish market, but we see that some countries has come to the community with a competitive price. The latest addition has been Italy where you can buy for 99 euros including taxes, with a truly exceptional value for money.