How to solve Wifi problem on iOS 7.1.2

The iOS 7.1.2 update from the American manufacturer Apple iOS operating system brought some problems affecting users who choose to upgrade your terminal. Among these problems is the error of WiFi, which creates certain difficulties when trying to connect the terminal to a wireless Internet network. Therefore, as we did with the blocking problem and the error of the calendar, this time we will explain step by step how to solve the problem of access to upgrade to iOS 7.1.2.

To follow this tutorial you will need a terminal Apple (iPhone 5S, for example) updated to version 7.1.2 of the iOS operating system. In addition, we also need to have on hand data access WiFi network you want to connect the terminal (both the name and password).

The procedure for solving the problem of WiFi on iOS 7.1.2 update consists of several phases that we perform one after another until we get clear error affecting our terminal. In the first phase we must begin to access the Settings application.

Once inside, enter the section “Wi-Fi” and click on the letter “i” in blue that appears next to the name of the WiFi network to which we are connected. In the event that we are not currently connected to the WiFi network which generates problems in our terminal, we search under “Select a network …” to follow the same procedure (click on the letter “i” color blue).

Clicking on this icon we will display a configuration window. The first option that we appear at the top of this window will have the name “Forget this Network”, so click on it to make sure our WiFi network terminal that is stored in its internal memory.

Then we reconnect to our WiFi network, manually entering all the data (name and password). If all went well, WiFi connectivity should run us back to normal.

In the event that we are experiencing problems with this connectivity, the following procedure that we perform is just as easy. Access the Settings application, enter the heading “General”, we seek an option called “Reset” and click on it, and finally click on the option to “Reset Network Settings”. Now we follow the instructions on the screen to us and wait for it to finish restarting your terminal.

Once you turned it back on, we introduce the details of our WiFi network, most likely, the problem of connectivity and this will be solved and we can browse the internet without difficulty.