How to Configure iCloud Mail on Android

The U.S. manufacturer Apple smartphones incorporate a courier service that allows you to create email addresses with the completion of “”. This mail service iCloud enabled by default on all devices of this company, but unlike other services like Gmail, steps to activate an account [email protected] a smartphone from another manufacturer require follow a specific tutorial. And this time we will explain step by step how to configure an email account in Android iCloud both a mobile and a tablet.

All you need to follow these steps is an iCloud email account and a smartphone with the Android operating system connected to the Internet. From here, all we have to do is follow the steps in this tutorial to have our account set up in seconds.

We must first access the application from the Android Email smartphone in which we change our iCloud account. This application usually depicted with the icon of an envelope with an at sign drawn on its surface, and comes installed as standard on all smartphones incorporating the Android operating system.

When you open this application we will display a screen that can vary depending on the brand of your mobile and depending on the version of the operating system you have installed. The most common is that from this screen we requested that we select the provider you want to configure email for our account. We will select the option “Other”.

Then we should be open a screen with two boxes: one box to enter the email address and a password input box. We introduce our data iCloud mail account and click on the button “Manual Setup” in order to access the configuration window in which we can specify the exact details of the configuration of the mail account.

The first paragraph of the email setup corresponds to the “Incoming Server Settings”. In this section we complete the respective boxes each data with this information: IMAP Server:; Security Type: All certificates; Port number: 993; User name: The name that appears in our email address before [email protected]; Password: The password for our email iCloud. Once all this information, click on the button “Next”.

In the second section, “outgoing server settings”, the data that we introduce are: SMTP Server:; Security Type: All certificates; Port number: 587; User name: The name that appears in our email address before [email protected]; Password: The password for our email iCloud. We introduce this data and click on the button “Next”.

From here we can only associate a name to the inbox of your email account and, in principle, we should already have the account set up iCloud on Android.