What is eBBM and BBM Protected

A few months ago BlackBerry unveiled a new service that will be released later this year probably next to BES12: eBBM and Protected BBM. The enterprise version of BBM had arisen since its announcement as the service safest of all (yes, even safer) messaging, ideal for companies and regulated industries. However, until now was relatively little is known about the performance of this new service and why should attract entrepreneurs to use, especially now that there are so many alternatives that claim instant messaging security, as Telegram.

Protected BBM and eBBM bring a new standard of security for mobile messaging.
eBBM and Protected BBM, however, carry the messaging security to a new level difficult to overcome, according to new details that have been revealed thanks to N4BB. With the following features, BBM will be unbeatable in companies.

Secure mobile messaging with BBM Protected
BBM is protected seek an easy, fast and reliable solution for employees, while it becomes a powerful tool of communication with high safety standards for companies, which is highlighted in the following points.

Point-to-point protection
Protected BBM will be a solution to meet the highest standards of security with FIPS 140-2 encryption to enhance the security of BBM from the device, providing an additional layer of security through the BES infrastructure encryption keys under the control of the company.

Protection of data in transit
BlackBerry adds an additional layer of encryption to communications directly from the device. So all outgoing messages with BBM Protected encrypted and will be well only decoded at the receiving device.

Three layers of encryption for added security
Roughly Protected BBM will have 3 layers of encryption: the first is a unique FIPS 140-2 encryption key can be public or private, generated by the device and controlled by the company. Thus, the encryption keys for communications with Protected BBM are not even stored by the BlackBerry Infrastructure. Each device further has a symmetric key random encryption created with Triple DES 168-bit, so if at any time a message is deciphered, the rest of the messages remain encrypted and would do the same for each message in a conversation to obtain really relevant information. Finally, a TLS encryption between the device and the BlackBerry Infrastructure protects against intervention and manipulation.

One safe and simple application
Best of all, Protected BBM will not be an additional application, but the security level will be added by the company. Users simply follow the BBM normally through the application and contacts that are familiar.

When a user with BBM Protected send a message to another also in the same scheme, their conversations automatically have the added level of security, with encryption layers above. In chats, multiperson chats or operation BBM groups will be the same, but much safer. Notifications sent, received and read also remain present.

Ease of development and management
For managers of information technology companies, and BBM Protected eBBM not represent more workload, for Protected BBM can be managed from the server BES IT policies of the company, without buying new hardware or install more servers for the organization. With these tools will be simple this messaging system continues to operate even in industries with high levels of regulation, including governments.

Inter Security
Finally, an important role for entrepreneurs is security between enterprises. Thus, no Protected BBM requires users belong to the same organization (at the same BES server) to encrypt conversations. It simply requires that both channels, sender and receiver have the level of security of Protected BBM.

BlackBerry definitely will wear your logo proudly as the largest security company in the mobile market, especially now that bind to cloud-based services in the most difficult to satisfy all business sector.

The company’s future depends on it, but in the meantime, companies like Samsung also want their bite of cake with business solutions such as Knox, and Google may join the race with the recent acquisition of Divide, not to mention Microsoft, which wants to spend of mobile PCs in enterprises