Funny Status Update for BBM and Facebook

Confused what to write on facebook status updates ? or whether you ‘re looking for a funny word to be used on BBM status ? Write something funny on Facebook Updates Status or BBM, can sometimes make friends entertained and eventually they liked our status update.

But to write something funny on Facebook or BBMs not easy. sometimes we run out of words, what should we write ? If you ‘ve ever experienced anything like this, do not worry because there are now android application that can help you to find the words funny, for status updates on facebook or bbms

You can download this free application from Google Play Store, after successfully installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z2 or other Android phone, you can directly run the application. The interface is very simple, with some of the main menu as Recent Status Updates, Favorite, and  Category Status Update that we can choose. So, if you want to write something funny on Facebook or BBM, you can use this application, because the application is very easy to use.

Update Status Keren can be downloaded from Google Play Store.