Captain America for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone available in Store

Captain America for Nokia Lumia, for Windows Phone 8.x devices, is the new game released by Gameloft that is launched to accompany the release of the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier. In this case we find an action game where you have to lead our team SHIELD with the help of the Avengers.

Something that stands out in Captain America for Nokia Lumia, is that the game’s graphics are totally inspired by the comic itself, which you will delight fans of the superhero, giving the charm with the stories of Marvel. The game features over 100 levels in nine different scenarios and a multiplayer mode, where we can join a clan and fight our opponents. No doubt this is a game that any fan of Captain America can miss.

Captain America for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone is available in Store for free, but only the first two episodes, then 0.99 euros to unlock the full game (introductory offer)