How to enable Password Protection when Buying Apps and Game from Google Play Store

Once we added a credit card or debit our account linked to Google App Store Google Play, buying apps or applications is added to the scope of a few buttons. That is a very interesting advantage for the shopping convenience applications, but also can become a real risk if your phone gets into the wrong hands.

Therefore, in this article we are going to show how to set password protection to buying Google Play. In this way we can continue shopping applications very easily but at the same time, we are avoiding other people can buy any application without our permission. Also noteworthy is that the information indicated below is especially recommended for parents who want to prevent your child can buy an application accidentally.
Enable password protection on Google Play

To set a password on the Android app store, first we have to enter the application of Google Play. Then we click on the icon of the three parallel lines on the left of the application, and we must ensure that we have started the session with the email account you used to buy applications. That is, we must open the account you want to add a password.

After checking this detail, the next thing we have to do is click on the menu button on your phone Additional ( usually a button with the icon of a box with three parallel lines inside). When you click this button, it will open a small menu where you should select the “Settings”.

In the Settings screen we have to find the section “User Control Panel”. In this section, two options appear, and in this case we have to click on the option “Password – Use password to restrict purchases.”

Clicking on this option it will open a pop-up box in which we see the title ” Confirm Password” and, further down, a place to write our Google password associated with the email account you have set up on Google Play.

When we wrote our password must click on the button “OK”, and from this time we ask our mail password every time you want to make a purchase in the app store. To disable this security option we have to do exactly the same procedure and see that the square of “Password” becomes disabled.

It can be a little annoying having to type your password each time you want to buy one, but no doubt it is a far more advisable in case we have associated with our account information from our credit card security.