The Best Twitter Client for Android : Talon for Twitter

Tired or unhappy from the normal Twitter client for Android? On the Play Store has reached a new application that, thanks to its attractive look, could easily conquer the users. We’re talking about Talon!

An application made ​​specifically for Android KitKat, this means that you’ll get to a title with a particular layout and full of amazing animations! All other versions of Android, however, are definitely not cut out, just not be able to admire some interesting improvements, such as the status bar transparent that will follow you forever while the scroll!

Talon is not only beautiful thanks to the attractive look and clean, but also includes a lot of interesting features that could improve your browsing experience. Before you list them, we can show immediately that you will have the ability to customize its graphics, especially you can decide between the dark theme, clear and even increase the size of text!

The application allows you to access two different accounts and tweets while you scroll the present can also decide to return quickly to the top of the screen with a single tap. From the side menu, you can quickly launch : the Timeline, the ” Mentions “, direct messages, the section of the trends, your lists, retweets and favorite tweets. With the swipe left and right, you can access the pages dedicated to one of the tweets that contain links or images. Very interesting is the possibility to open the photo and make the pinch to zoom on them.

The functions provided by Talon are many and the app gives you an excellent user experience. We’ll leave you the link to download (the app is priced at € 1.46) and the video that shows the operation and the main features of this client for Twitter.