Block Call and SMS on Nokia Lumia

The new update of Windows Phone and is on its way to Nokia handsets, the Nokia Lumia range. However, while the update-under the name Amber-reaches all devices, Nokia has been commissioned to update some of the functions of their smartphones. The next thing you can do is to block user input calls and SMS messages.

The update to the latest advanced mobile Nokia should be falling, the development of Windows Phone 8 is progressing. And therefore, improvements in computers using the platform will also come. However, while Microsoft, and Nokia-adjust itself to maximize the features of the new version, the Finn has updated one of the sections of your Nokia Lumia menu: it’s’ Extra + Info “.

Inside the Settings submenu, the customer can find information about how much memory is free, the record of calls made or, set the Internet connection settings or settings attendants. However, according to WMPoweruser portal, has added another extra ‘calls and SMS filter “.

What does this mean? Well, once activated the new feature, customers can block unwanted incoming calls or short text messages (SMS). All you have to do is choose the customer mobile numbers stored in the phonebook or call history-can be from unknown numbers, which pass through the input filter to offer the Nokia Lumia. Moreover, this feature also provides the ability to install in your own home screen-Shortcut-Tile, setting out all the time, how many calls and how many SMS have been blocked.

Also, remember that with the arrival of Windows Phone 8 aka Amber, Bluetooth version 4.0 also be activated in most terminals and for software compatibility reasons, these have not yet been activated. What will be gained with this activation? Nordic teams can connect to low power accessories such as those dedicated to the sport, while achieving much battery consumption moderate. Indeed, as it turned out a few days ago, the company itself would be working already support this standard accessories wireless communication.
Next steps on the platform Windows Phone 8

However, according to one of the editors of The Verge technology portal, Tom Warren, GRD3 version of Windows Phone 8 is already being tested. And what’s new in this version are even more striking, reaching future placing teams in total agreement with the market. According to the leak that was done via Twitter, this version of the mobile platform Full HD screens bear or current processor, quad-core processor power.

Finally, the next 26 and September 27, Nokia has prepared an event that will be held in New York City. No exact details about, but jumped alarms with the possibility that the event will focus on the launch of a new team and that he would address a new market: the tablet. Now among some alternatives, it is also possible that the computer is a phablet.

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