The Future Of News: Between Social Networks and iPhone

iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, Google. All are instruments involved in the general trend that continues today in this sector. This is what we published the study “Understanding the participatory news consumer” conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The news increasingly becomes something more personal, mobile and are shared by the public. This has consequences: “the days of loyalty to a single source of news are long gone.

Internet becomes the backbone of information, most of the respondents used one or two online sources for information. In the U.S., internet is the third most popular news source, after local sources and television which shows that news consumption is spread over many platforms.

As is clear from this study, the way we consume news has changed dramatically in recent years:

– 33% of mobile users read news on their terminals.

– 28% of internet users have the home page of your browser a news portal.

– 37% of Internet users participate in the news, comment or share with acquaintances via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Social media increasingly function more like mesh filter. Due to the large increase in news today, young people increasingly confident to hear about the latest developments important for their friends on social networks. “The experience of people with the news, especially online, will become a social experience. People post links in emails, publish under their social networks in their tweets tells stories, “says the study. 75% of respondents get news online, which forwarded by email or posted on a social network. 52% say it is a great way to share links with other news.

23% of social network users who also read news online follow any news source or any language newspaper in these networks. 3% use Twitter to share the link of a news story or make a retweet, that represents 18% of all Twitter users. “Social networks also act as a warning to the reader. 15% of users become aware of the latest news in your circle of friends in social networks.