Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820, The New Nokia Windows Phone 8

Through EVLeaks Twitter account have been uncovered which will be the first devices of the new stage of the Finnish Nokia by the U.S. Microsoft. They are the representatives which opens with a second generation of devices seeking market seduce a lover of iOS and Android, but not only that: these Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 are also responsible for a foothold in stores U.S., where the Finnish has, for many years, a serious and important unresolved as far as market share is concerned.

When assigned to a stratum of the sector, the Nokia Lumia 920 would become the high-end device of the new catalog, while the Nokia Lumia 820 pass to captain a new mid-range in the path of the firm as a whole journey with Microsoft. Little is known at this time of the performance of each, but through the site The Verge we could learn some technical profile points each.

Let’s start with the Nokia Lumia 920. This terminal retains a design that follows the trail started with the Nokia N9 and adopted by the Nokia Lumia 800 to continue with the Nokia Lumia 900. In this case, however, the screen grows to a size of 4.5 inches, which will be appreciated by users that parcel of going hunting after large-format panels. It is unknown whether this will be an AMOLED or Super AMOLED, and its resolution, although it is considered certain that reach 1280 x 720 pixels for Windows Phone 8 and supports.

But the most interesting thing is not there, but in the back of the Nokia Lumia 920 where they argue from The Verge find the expected PureView technology linked to Windows Phone. This would therefore be the first device to the new system matter released in the Nokia 808 with which you can get pictures with a resolution of up to 41 megapixels. However, it is unknown what capacity equip Lumia sensor 920. Judging by these pictures, the unit would be a little smaller because the eye does not highlight the hump seen in the terminal operating system with Nokia Belle.

Beyond these two details, all are unknowns about the Nokia Lumia 920-would be important to know if the model is known by the code name Nokia Phi take a two or four processor cores, but for now this point is unknown. Thus, let’s review what seems to be the Nokia Lumia 820. In this case, it seems that we are facing which was known as Nokia Arrow, a terminal whose first images were revealed this week. From The Verge claim that no PureView integrate technology. And not only that: in the images that have been revealed there is no ski legend referred to recurrent Carl Zeiss optics we’ve seen in mobile reference signature.

Unfortunately, data were not significant on the resolution that would develop the Nokia Lumia 820, which is rather more rounded design than it is to its high-end counterpart. In this case, we came across a device that would equip a screen of 4.3 inches, the same as we know it in the Nokia Lumia 900. Nor has transpired in this case a sheet to reveal the type of processor installed and the RAM or autonomy indexes reach this device. In any case, the run up to the September 5, official filing date these assumptions phones, it gets even more exciting than expected.