Nokia Lumia 910 and Lumia 920 Will Be Available on September

It is no secret that Nokia is working on a new smartphone with Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft deal puts possibly the first in the list to officially release the new version is its smartphones. The point is that even although there are strong rumors, no one knows exactly when we will see the brand new Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia, possibly Pureview technology.

Nokia Lumia 900
Despite being a rumor a bit logical (I explain why below), as WPDang-who has time-atinando in new releases, Nokia released two smartphones with Windows Phone 8, Lumia 910 and Lumia 920. The latter already know because it appeared in recent performance results, but equally there is no technical details have to imagine it will come with the new version of WP. The list also publishes the blog points to other variants of existing smartphones, which makes me think that Nokia just launched teams with similar design but with more powerful hardware and optimized for the new version.

Now, in early September, the company already has scheduled the Nokia World and, coincidentally, will be held on 5 and 6 September, in fact, already one of the leading stores in Finland, Nokia announced that something amazing will come on 07 September. Do not have an internal source at Microsoft or Nokia to take this rumor to light, but again, they have time atinando and therefore throws the alert.

Recall that during the conference Microsoft’s Windows Phone ahead only a part (and go part) of what they intend to bring Windows Phone 8, and Nokia could be in charge of launching something new but clearly the focus is on new models .

As Pureview technology, remains a mystery although said to be integrated “shortly.” Maybe I’m naive, but I bet that do integrate these new models, otherwise there is nothing beyond the exclusive applications that Nokia can make as a determinant of other manufacturers willing to pitch in similar times to equipment Windows Phone 8.

Anyway, all this fits. The RTM version is expected to be sent to manufacturers in September, Nokia news show and leave us in expectation until November, perhaps earlier, when it is expected that the first sale would end. If this happens, the movement is clear in terms of what Apple display with the new version of iPhone (being the closest launch).