Toy Shot APK for Android : Legos Shotting Game

Remember when you were playing with the famous Danish bricks? With Lego you could give vent to your creativity, giving rise to astonishing constructions. If your mind recollection this popular game will have no trouble remembering when you played with the famous Angry Birds Rovio home! If you combine Lego and game mechanics of the application available for Android comes to life the game we want to talk about today: Toy Shot!

Once again the game signed Rovio is able to influence another title, in fact, Google Play are almost endless applications that emulate, or at least try to do it, the app successfully. Toy Shot is one of them? In part yes, but it is definitely original!

Even in the simple world of toys there are problems. The game is based on the mission of the brave young knight who sets out to save the princess kidnapped by an evil soldier! To be able to reach his beloved maiden must succeed in a world populated by fighters, Undead Warriors, following the terrible man skeleton, one who has stolen the love of our hero.

The bold character will use a huge plastic leaf / catapult to succeed in destroying the forts where they hide the hundred men of the Undead Warriors. Just as in Angry Birds, therefore, you must destroy any structure and therefore located within the soldiers. The buildings will not be characterized by the usual materials, but will be composed of many Lego bricks.

The weapon will be equipped with a precise trajectory that will help you to direct your shots. Since this does not catapult you cast stones, but the precise weapons that are able to destroy several fortresses.

Each structure will have its own color representing the material of the brick that, therefore, will not be absolutely always plastic. Consequently serve a precise weapon to be able to disintegrate. You can use regular bullets for standard structures, the fire to the wood or even the ice for those of steel. The latter, after being frozen, can be hit and knocked down.

The plastic soldiers opponents will not always be located in these fortresses, ready to be destroyed, but some times will advance towards you. Often they come near due to helium balloons flying that can be killed with a new weapon: darts.

The number of ammunition to be launched from your crossbow is finished, there will be such that the missile will gain speed when you touch the screen or the boomerang will come back to hit the target. Do not you remember the famous birds found in Angry Birds?

The weapons not only will be given automatically, but can also be bought from the store paying with pink diamonds that are attainable at any level.

Graphics and Sound
Entering the world of Toy Shot subentrerete in a child’s room! Each location will be built with bricks and characters that populate the game will be just like the ones in the boxes trovavate Lego. The game is very colorful and the colors are vivid and bright. During missions there will be a light music will accompany the battle, but the main sounds are those caused by the collapse of structures and loading the crossbow. In the menu, however, there will be a joyful music cartonesca.

Toy Shot is a game that imitates another, from some point of view, Angry birds, but still manages to be cute and funny. The adventures that will try very much, 108 levels in total.