Mobile Firefox and its extensions will Smash The “App Stores”, says Mozilla

At this stage of the game we all have pretty clear that within the world of technology the phone + internet bundle will prevail increasingly we are seeing today the launch of the field with mobile devices like the iPhone or Nokia and HTC of generation and operating systems especially designed for them (Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone OS, Maemo etc). The battle has begun and all major industry seeking the best possible position to win the largest possible slice of the pie.

People from Mozilla is one of those who are working very hard with the goal of becoming a key player in the world of mobile internet through Mobile Firefox (aka Fennec), whose final version for major mobile operating systems are expected not Later on there (over 2010) and which has many interesting features, but this time I will just focus on one: the plugins.

Like its big brother Firefox Mobile supports extensions, a function that has given more joy to Firefox. Well, now Jay Sullivan, the deputy commander of the mobile division of the Mozilla Foundation has made some interesting statements at the same time daring his crystal ball as Mobile Firefox and its plugins will end sooner or later wiping out the current mobile application stores like Apple’s App Sotres or Google’s Android Market. Jay bases this prediction on two main reasons:

Currently developing applications for mobile phones is cumbersome because we have to write for multiple platforms, handle various programming languages and test on different devices

Mobile Firefox plugins and eliminate all these problems. The extension “X” is created for Firefox Mobile, whether this be installed on iPhone OS, HTC with Android or Nokia Maemo, for instance

For me, Sullivan’s statements are not so outlandish, even if they fall short of meeting will be very long term. On the other hand there are many unanswered questions such as: who says that Apple will allow the entry of Firefox Mobile on the iPhone? Can losplugins replace complex mobile applications? What about video games, product that dominates the mobile application stores?. Finally, a reflection also as a question: why everyone tends to predict that “X” product / service / tool kill “and” product / service / tool?. With the healthy and beneficial coexistence that is the man.