Nokia Lumia will upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8

In the event that was held this evening Microsoft has been revealed the future of Nokia series update Lumia, in the end receive Windows Phone 7.8 with many of the features of Windows Phone 8.

He was almost sung after so much silence and passing the buck by Nokia, phones like the Nokia 800 and Nokia Lumia Lumia 900 receive the update Windows Phone 7.8, will not the version presented this afternoon, but they say it will be very close.

Of course this can be bad news for many, but keep in mind that Windows Phone 8 is designed primarily to work with dual-core devices, so the Lumia Lumia 900 and 800 are left out.

Now need to know to enter into this Windows Phone 7.8 to see if you lose a lot or not. Everything points to be much like the last version, so maybe we should not complain much. The important thing is that the development and update for Nokia Series Lumia continues.