Download Nokia Reading for Nokia Lumia

With some delay, it appears that during these days will begin to be available for the Nokia Reading for several European countries, or at least that’s what Nokia has just announced.

As of today, and more or less over a week, Nokia Nokia Lumia Reading will be available in the MarketPlace for France, Italy, UK, Germany, Russia and Spain. Throughout this year will be extended the availability of this application to the world.

Nokia Reading will be available for all mobile phones in the series Lumia and looks set to have a fairly large catalog. Nokia has made special mention of the local book market, for users of various nationalities have books available in your language. Although there is also a long list of books in English.

Like as not only live Nokia Reading books will also be possible to read news on the web. In addition it also has the option to play audio books and save books to be read offline.

Hopefully this application encourage reading, even through a mobile phone.